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Hardware & Lighting Inspired by Early New England Homes

Displaying rustic charm and honest character, the Plymouth Collection recalls a time in America when virtually everything was hand-crafted by local artisans. Throughout the seventeenth century forged iron, turned wood, and stamped tin were fashioned into essential items of hardware and lighting for early colonial homes. Far from utilitarian, such pieces often featured decorative heart or bean tips, hammered edges, and graceful curls, which proclaim the art and skill of the craftsman. 

This rugged style of hardware was prevalent throughout America well into the early nineteenth century, when more sophisticated manufacturing techniques and polished materials such as brass became readily available. With the Colonial Revival of the 1920s and 30s, however, there emerged an appreciation for these early American artisans that remains to this day. Comprised of authentic reproductions and new pieces with a period look, the Plymouth Collection is ideal for anyone restoring, remodeling, or building a colonial style home. 

A wood frame colonial era home with strap door hinges, rim latch door set, and iron shutter hardware

Early Colonial style rim-latch door set

Door Hardware

In the days before keyed locks were widely affordable and available, most residential doors were operated with simple iron rim latches. Designed with no mechanical parts, the thumbpiece is compressed to raise the tongue, which lifts the bar from its keeper on the other side of the door. Hand-crafted from forged iron, they are durable and easy to install. Door hinges were surface-mounted straps, likewise made of heavy-duty forged iron. Paired on any door, a rim latch and strap hinges are the ultimate expression of early colonial style. 

Plymouth Mortise Entry Set

Heart Design Rim Latch Set

Heart Tip Interior Strap Hinge

Heart Iron Door Knocker

Textured Iron Push Plate

Heart Tip Door Pull

Heavy Duty Strap Hinges

Textured Iron Kick Plate

Iron Door Bolt

A colonial-style chandelier with simple curved iron arms and crimped tin candle cups


Lighting in early colonial homes was extremely simple, but remarkably stylish. Constructed of iron rods, turned wood, and stamped tin, each piece had unique character that reflected the artisan’s hand and eye. The open flame of tallow candles was the primary source of light, whether mounted on a chandelier, wall sconce, or exterior lantern. Today’s colonial-style lights carry on the tradition, with faux dripping candles, rustic finishes, and understated designs for every room.

Harrison Wood Chandelier

Primitive Colonial Chandelier

Hartford Tin Pendant

Crimped Tin Sconce

Primitive Colonial Flushmount

Stamped Tin Lamp

Premium Push Button Switch

Black Enamel Switch Plates

Nantucket Outdoor Pendant

Nantucket Small Porch Light

Nantucket Large Porch Light

Colonial-style cabinets with heart-tip strap hinges, H-L hinges, and iron knobs

Cabinet Hardware

Just like doors, hardware for colonial cabinets typically consisted of simple iron strap hinges, latches, and pulls. Smaller in scale, but equally durable, these pieces add a rugged charm to your kitchen and bath cabinets, built-ins, and furniture alike. 

Heart-Tip Cabinet Pull

Rough Iron Cabinet Knob

Cabinet Strap Hinges

Classic Round Drop Pull

Colonial Iron Bin Pull

Iron Cabinet Latch

Cape Cod style cottages on Martha's Vineyard

While not of the period, an iron floor register is well-suited to a colonial style interior

Home Accents

While accessories such as doorbells, heat registers, and mailboxes may not have been original features of early colonial homes, they certainly have their place today. The Plymouth Collection includes a number of items in keeping with the style of the period - rustic, understated, and durable – that will be useful throughout your home.   

Iron Heart Door Bell

Bent Nail Coat Hook

Iron Flag Holder

Iron Boot Scraper

Iron Floor Register

Heart Design Iron Hook

Oversized Iron Hook

Iron Toilet Paper Holder

Iron Towel Ring

Most colonial-era homes featured exterior shutters with iron hardware

Window & Shutter Hardware

While the earliest homes had small diamond pane casement windows, by the eighteenth century double hung sashes with multiple lites were the norm. On the exterior functional shutters protected the home when empty or against inclement weather. Exterior shutter hinges, bolts, tiebacks, and pulls were invariably made of iron, hand-forged by local blacksmiths. 

Iron Sash Lock

Iron Sash Lift

Curled Iron Casement Latch

Heart-Tip Shutter Hinges

Rat Tail Shutter Dogs

Shutter Ring Pull

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