Product Review Policy

House of Antique Hardware encourages our customers to submit product ratings and reviews. We believe the voice of our customer will serve shoppers in making more informed buying decisions.

It is our policy to publish on our site all reviews that meet standards of fairness and respect for our community of customers, without regard to the comments being favorable or unfavorable to the product or our service.

House of Antique Hardware does not edit or alter the ratings or review content in any way. To ensure the integrity of the reviews, a trusted third-party - PowerReviews - manages the moderation and processing of the reviews.

We reserve the right to exclude reviews that use profanity, personal attacks, disparage our competitors, or include promotional content. For security purposes, HTML links are not allowed in reviews. Approximately 99% of all reviews submitted appear on the web site.

Reviews submitted become the property of House of Antique Hardware.

We do not publish or share the names or email addresses of people who submit reviews. For complete details, please see our Privacy Policy.

If you have questions or comments about product ratings and reviews on, please contact customer service.