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Hardware & Lighting of the Art Deco Era

The Streamline style of the 1930s was the antidote to the ornate historical throwbacks of the previous century. Emerging from the ornamental Art Deco of the 1920s, this new stripped-down style was inspired by aerodynamic industrial design. Whether it was applied to a toaster or a train, a house or a hotel, the style emphasized curving forms, long horizontal lines, and sometimes nautical elements to give the impression of sleekness, speed, and modernity.

Home hardware and lighting were no exception. Void of ornament, these pieces stand out in their simplicity of form. Concentric circles, stepped profiles, and incised lines give them a fresh, futuristic look perfectly suited to the homes of the day. In contrast to the rich bronze tones favored by previous generations, designers used chrome and nickel finishes to underscore the break from the past.

While ideal for anyone restoring, remodeling, or building an Art Deco style home, the Streamline Collection will add a dash of vintage glamour to homes of any era.

A new Art Deco style home displays all the characteristics of the style, including curving forms and prominent horizontal lines. 

A period door set completes the space. 

Door Hardware

Faithfully reproduced from an Art Deco original, this bold door set is the epitome of Streamline style. The design is simple, yet dynamic, comprised of stepped profiles, concentric circles, and uncompromising straight lines. The contrast with the ornate historical styles of the previous decades could not be greater! 

Streamline Deco Door Set

Modern Round Deadbolt

Streamline Door Set with Round Glass Knobs

Modern Button-Tip Hinge

Streamline Deco Rosette Door Set

Streamline Deco Door Stop

A bold pendant brightens a period living room. 

A typical lighting treatment for an Art Deco bathroom - a pair of vertical sconces flanking a mirror. 


Lighting designers of the 1930s fully embraced the Streamline Deco style. Sleek and shining, it infused a touch of glamour into average American homes. Chandeliers and sconces, pendants, and porch lights displayed the same passion for racing lines, stepped profiles, and machine-like precision as the architecture of the day. Also new were toggle light switches (in black or brown), and decorative switch plates to tie it all together.

Middlebury Large Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Middlebury Semi-Flush Light

Odessa Ceiling Light

Harper Wall Sconce

Streamline Deco Switch Plate

Toggle Switch in Vintage Black

Oscillating Wall Fan

Winton Bath Sconce

Art Deco Replacement Shade

Saturn Porch Light

A modern kitchen with Streamline Deco influences in the window, the curved cabinets, and the nautical pendants.

A modern kitchen with Streamline Deco influenced cabinetry and hardware.

Cabinet & Furniture Hardware

The 1930s saw the transformation of the American kitchen from a charming (and sometimes dowdy) workspace to a sleek and modern showpiece. Accordingly, cabinet hardware designers adopted the style of the day, incorporating racing lines, concentric rings, and gleaming silver finishes. Glass knobs and pulls were as popular as ever, but with new streamlined shapes and soft colors, such as Depression green and pink.

Streamline Deco Cabinet Knob

Glass Beehive Cabinet Knob

Round Deco Pull

Streamline Deco Cabinet Hinges

Streamline Deco Drawer Pull

A modern living room with Art Deco style furnishings

Avalon house numbers on an Art Deco porch. 

Home Accents

Whether it’s a doorbell and house numbers by the front door, a hook in the bathroom, or a register in the hall, these small hardware pieces add a touch of Art Deco style throughout your home. Displaying the era’s passion for sleek and simple beauty, these vintage designs are a fresh addition to homes of any era.

Streamline Deco Doorbell

Streamline Picture Rail Hook

Art Deco Coat Hook

Eames Floor Register

Modern Handrail Bracket

Avalon House Numbers

A Streamline Deco style house with bands of window wrapping around the curved corners. 

Window Hardware

In Art Deco style homes, windows played an exciting new role. While double-hung sashes were still prevalent, the new architectural trend towards horizontality called for bands of fixed sashes or outswing casements. Windows often wrapped around a curving corner, flooding the interior with light. When divided lights were employed, they too were broad and horizontal to preserve the streamline effect. As with most interior hardware of the era, window fittings were clean-lined and finished in chrome or nickel for a fresh, modern look.

Ring Casement Latch

Perforated Casement Stay

Brass Casement Window Hinge

Brass Sash Lock

Brass Sash Lift

Brass Sash Pulley