Casement Window Latch Sets

Our casement window latch selection features solid brass and cast iron fasteners in a variety of attractive finishes. Choose from vertical and pivoting style levers, casement fastener bolts or ring handles. Casement latch replacements are a quick and easy way to update the look of any antique casement window.

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Large Solid-Brass Casement Latch

This Large Casement Latch is made of solid, non-corrosive brass. The handle and base are riveted for extra strength, making it a fine choice for large or hard to close windows. It comes in a variety of popular finish options to match any decor. Includes three strike plate options.

Solid Brass Casement Latch Set With 6 Finishes

Our standard size casement latch is beautifully made from non-corrosive solid brass. This versatile set includes strikes for every application and features an adjustable tension handle.

Solid Brass Casement Window Latch With Pendant Handle

This late Victorian style casement latch is as practical as it is beautiful. The pendant-like handle pivots up to disengage the latch, but hangs tight to the sash otherwise, making this a great choice for windows with interior shutters or blinds! Made of durable, non-rusting cast brass, it includes three types of keeper - flush, mortise and side mount.

Contemporary Casement Window Fastener With Pivoting Handle

Our sleek, solid brass casement latch is pitch-perfect for contemporary interiors. The unique, pivoting handle makes it reversible for use on right or left swing windows, while three included strikes offer multiple installation options. Made of premium forged brass, it's also a striking latch for kitchen or bath cabinets.