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Large Regency Picture Hook in Antique-By-Hand Finish

Reproduced from a circa 1850 English antique, our Large Regency Picture Hook in Antique-by-Hand is exquisite. Slightly oversized and made of heavy stamped brass, it is a must-have for Classical or Victorian interiors. It comes in our exclusive Antique by-Hand - a finish that ages gracefully over time into a beautiful natural patina.

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Vera Rosette and Tassel Picture Hanger with Rail Hook in Antique Gold

This gorgeous Victorian picture hanger is the finishing touch to your most special paintings or photos. Including a traditional rosette with a built-in moulding hook, large tassel, and 3-ply hanging cord, it has everything you need to hang a single picture frame. Antique Gold color.

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Neoclassical Double Gang Toggle Switch Plate in Antique-By-Hand

Our Neoclassical double toggle switch plate in Antique-by-Hand is a stately addition to any room. This refined design, with its leafy inset border and bellflower garlands, is derived from P & F Corbin's Amalfi pattern of 1905. Forged from solid brass, this durable plate is hand-finished in our exclusive antique patina. The surface is not lacquered, allowing the finish to age gracefully and develop highlights with use. U.S. Patent No. D887,368.

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Art Deco Door Pull In Solid, Cast Brass in Polished Chrome

This large Deco style pull adds a dash of drama to any door. The classic stepped design is recreated in solid brass from a 1930s original. Available in a shiny polished chrome finish.

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300W Premium 3-Way White Push Button Universal Dimmer Switch with True Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

A House of Antique Hardware exclusive! Our Premium 3-Way White Push Button Universal Dimmer Switch offers modern dimmer technology in an authentic, vintage-style package. Simply push the smooth button to switch on/off, and rotate the fluted button to increase or decrease the light level. Each button features a true mother-of-pearl inlay, an iridescent shell that shimmers as it reflects light for a touch of elegance. It is the perfect companion to our own premium push button switches. Built to modern safety standards (UL & CUL listed), it is the dimmer of choice for any period restoration.

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Large Octagonal Cut Crystal Knob With Solid Brass Base in Antique Brass

Exquisite cut crystal knob with many facets in a classic octagonal shape. This Victorian style knob in Antique Brass will add distinction to any interior space. The 1 1/2-inch diameter is an ideal size for larger cabinets, built-ins and vintage furniture.

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Large Victorian Iron Shelf Bracket - 10 7/8" x 7 1/8"

Graceful vines twist & turn about the frame of this large Victorian shelf bracket. A simple arrow emerging from the leaves adds a charming touch. Reproduced in heavy duty cast iron with a durable black powder coat.

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Cast Brass "Bathroom" Sign in Polished Brass

Our vintage-style Bathroom door sign in Polished Brass finish brings an authentic look wherever it resides. Cast in solid brass for durability, it features distinctive cut corners, a textured background, and classic font. Its smaller size works well on most doors, whether in an office building, restaurant, or home.

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Como Single Duplex Cover Plate in Timeless Bronze

Our elegant Single Duplex Cover Plate was derived from P & F Corbin's Como pattern of 1905. To capture every intricate detail of the originals, this neoclassical design is faithfully rendered in stamped sheet brass. Lightweight, yet durable, it comes in a period highlighted bronze finish.

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7" Decorative Cast-Iron Triple Hook with Black-Powder Coat

Adorned with a mythical laughing face, this triple coat hook is both fashionable and functional. Cast in iron with a black-powder coating, it stands up to heavy use in your busy entryway, mudroom, or wherever it resides. The lower hooks are ideal for lighter items and jackets while the upper is perfect for heavier coats and bags.

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Large Eastlake Iron Sash Lift In Matte Black

This charming Eastlake style sash lift is reproduced from an 1880s original. Made of cast iron, the pattern is crisp and geometric, with a single iris flower at center. Large and durable, it's a good choice for tall or broad sash windows. Offered with a matte black powdercoat finish.

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Perched Cardinal Cast Iron Shelf Bracket In Matte Black

The Perched Cardinal Shelf Bracket brings a relaxed, natural style to your home. Made of sturdy cast-iron, this Victorian accessory comes in a classic matte black finish.

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3 1/4" x 4 1/8" Brass Decorative Lock Set in Lacquered Brass Finish

This Victorian rimlock set includes ornate knobs, a decorative case, and matching surface trim. Reproduced from a late 19th century model, it's cast from solid brass with a polished finish. The lock features a sliding privacy bolt, key-operated dead bolt and all brass internal parts. Reversible.

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Grandeur Parthenon Plate Set With Bellagio Levers Double Dummy in Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Timeless, classical style is yours with Grandeur's stately and refined Parthenon door set with Bellagio levers. Grandeur's vintage designs are enhanced with high-tech mechanics, resulting in silky smooth, trouble-free operation unlike anything you've ever experienced.

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Double Coat Hook with Porcelain Ball Tips In Lacquered Brass

An elegant hallmark of the Victorian Era, this double coat hook is cast in solid brass with porcelain ball tips. Lacquered to preserve the sleek finish, it's the ideal adornment for traditional interiors. Easy surface mount installation.

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Medium Fluted Milk Green (Jade) Glass Cabinet Knob With Nickel Bolt

This sparkling, fluted glass cabinet knob was an Art Deco era favorite. The 1 1/4-inch diameter size knob is traditional for kitchen and bath drawers and cabinet doors. Vintage milk green color.

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Round Glass Disk Knob With Solid Brass Base in Oil Rubbed Bronze

The center protrudes on this low profile cabinet knob giving it added depth. Mid-century styling and a brass base in oil-rubbed bronze finish. The 1 3/16-inch size works on most everything.

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Medieval Iron Casement Window Latch In Matte Black

A House of Antique Hardware exclusive! This large and rustic casement latch has a wonderful, old-world charm. Made of heavy duty cast iron, it's especially well suited to Colonial, Tudor and Spanish style homes. Available in Matte Black finish.

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Set of 4 Glass Furniture Caster Cups - 2 9/16" Diameter In Clear Glass

These heavy-duty caster cups are an attractive and understated way to protect your carpet from damage by furniture feet. Made of durable cast glass with a shallow cup, they are strong enough for large and heavy furniture pieces. Each set contains four 2 9/16-inch diameter caster cups, enough for one sofa, cabinet or table. For interior use only.

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Pair of Coated Steel Propeller Shutter Dogs - Lag Mounted

These whimsical propeller style tie backs will give your shutters a distinctive look. Made of sturdy wrought steel, they're pre-painted black to help prevent rust. Easily mounted to wood or masonry with the included lag bolt.

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3" Wrought Brass Rosette in Antique Brass

When you have a pre-bored door, but want to use vintage style knobs, this 3-inch diameter rosette may be just the thing. Made of solid, wrought brass with an Antique Brass finish.

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Large Victorian Solid-Brass Doorbell Button in Polished Brass

Our splendid Large Victorian Doorbell Button embodies the Victorians' passion for elegant design. Featuring a prominent domed center, its circa 1880's scroll work is lavishly produced in solid, cast brass for elegant detail. In the traditional polished brass finish it looks like an original.

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Wrought Steel Press-Fit Sash Pulley - 2-Inch Diameter Wheel in Polished Nickel

Press-fit style sash pulleys were found in most American homes in the early 20th century. Authentic and easy to install, they are still a great choice for restorations or new construction. Common size can replace many old pulleys. Made of durable steel and available in Polished Nickel finish.

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3 5/8" Cast Brass Label Holder & Bin Pull In Antique-By-Hand

This distinctive label holder & bin pull was inspired by hardware found in Victorian era butler's pantries. Both useful and nostalgic, its a great choice for today's homes as well. Crafted from solid cast brass and hand finished with our exclusive antique patina.

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