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Swirl Cast-Iron Plant Hanger in Matte Black

This decorative plant hanger features a simple swirl design and a matte black powder coated finish. Cast in iron, it is sturdy enough to hold small and medium size plants, indoors or out.

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Pair of Coated Steel Propeller Shutter Dogs - Lag Mounted

These whimsical propeller style tie backs will give your shutters a distinctive look. Made of sturdy wrought steel, they're pre-painted black to help prevent rust. Easily mounted to wood or masonry with the included lag bolt.

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Daisy Cabinet Knob In Antique Brass Dark Finish - 1 3/16-inch Diameter

Its playful daisy design and antique patina finish will add fun and warmth to any space, period or modern. This medium size knob is perfect for your drawers and cabinets in every room. Made in Italy, of precision cast zinc, no details went unnoticed.

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Round Clear Beehive Design Glass Cabinet Knob With Nickel Bolt

This unusual Round Glass Cabinet Knob features a beehive design that is pure Art Deco. Jazz up your period kitchen or bath or brighten your favorite piece of vintage furniture. With it's traditional clear glass this medium size knob is perfectly for any application.

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Rectangular Pocket Door Pull In Bright Lacquered Brass

Our heavy duty, solid brass pocket door pull is a turn-of-the-century classic. The simple rectangular design is at home with Colonials, Craftsman and Victorians alike. The bright polished brass is lacquered to preserve the brilliant shine.

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10" Pair of 1 1/2" Offset Galvanized Iron Shutter Strap Hinges With Lag Pintles

These traditional Colonial style 1 1/2-inch offset hinges with lag pintle are still popular today! The 10-inch straps are forged out of steel and the pintles are made of solid cast iron, both galvanized. These versatile hinges can be mounted to show either when the shutters are open or closed. The rough textured black powder coating provides a great period look and helps reduce rust.

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Late Victorian Solid-Brass Slide Cabinet Latch in Un-Lacquered Brass

This late Victorian-era slide latch is an elegant addition to both antique and new cupboard doors. Reproduced from a circa 1880's original, its overall leafy design and cluster of berries featured on the knob are captured in solid, cast brass. Suited for Victorian or Classical interiors, it comes in an un-lacquered brass finish.

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12" Pair of Tapered Shutter Straps with 3/4" Offset

Use these 12-inch traditional tapered shutter straps to replace worn or missing parts, or to build shutter hinges for your specific needs (mounting pintles sold separately). They are designed to work with 7/16-inch diameter pintles and have a 3/4-inch offset. Made of heavy-duty galvanized steel with rust-resistant and powder-coated finish.

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4" Ribbon & Reed Bin Pull - 3" Center to Center in Antique Brass

The classic motif of our Large Ribbon and Reed Bin Pull (3-Inch Center-to-Center) offers elegant, timeless appeal. Forged from solid brass, it is as durable as it is attractive. Antique brass finish.

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Solid Brass Casement Window Latch With Pendant Handle In Antique Brass

This late Victorian style casement latch in Antique Brass is as practical as it is beautiful. The pendant-like handle pivots up to disengage the latch, but hangs tight to the sash otherwise, making this a great choice for windows with interior shutters or blinds! Made of durable, non-rusting cast brass, it includes three types of keeper - flush, mortise and side mount.

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Oriental Pocket-Door Pull without Keyhole in Un-Lacquered Brass

A dynamic profile and bold, graphic pattern make this Oriental Pocket-Door Pull an eye-catching accent to your pocket doors. This circa 1880's Eastlake design is reproduced in solid, cast brass and displays geometric markings and delightful floral patterns. Left unlaquered, it will gradually develop highlights with use, just like period originals. Pair with our matching pocket-door mortise locks.

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Large Fluted Milk Green Glass Cabinet Knob With Nickel Bolt

Make a bold, Art Deco statement in your kitchen or bath with our 1 1/2-Inch Diameter Large Fluted Glass Knob with Nickel Bolt. This colorful knob will add vintage flair to your built-ins or antique furniture alike. Available in an authentic, period milk green color.

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Victorian Scroll Design Shelf Bracket - 11 3/4" x 8 5/8" In Rusted Iron

This elegant scrolling bracket is the perfect size for holding a 1 x 10 wood shelf (9 1/4-inch). Use them in the living room or library for books and nick-knacks, or mount them over counters in the kitchen for dishes, canisters, or display items. Made of heavy duty cast iron, it is stronger than it looks! Rusted patina finish.

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2 3/8" Brass Label Holder & Pull In Antique Brass

Our vintage-style 2 3/8-Inch Label Holder doubles as a pull, making it useful throughout your home or office. Made of heavy, cast brass with a comfortable finger grip, it is strong enough for kitchen or desk drawers. Antiqued and lacquered to preserve the finish.

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Arts & Crafts Push Plate in Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Capture the true spirit of Craftsman design with this rugged and artistic push plate. The distinctive window-pane pattern, originally known as Bastile, was designed by Pacific Hardware of Los Angeles around 1912. Made of durable cast brass, our reproduction captures the rough, hand-hammered look of the originals. A velvety oiled bronze finish with subtle copper highlights completes the vintage effect.

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Large Regency Picture Hook in Antique-By-Hand Finish

Reproduced from a circa 1850 English antique, our Large Regency Picture Hook in Antique-by-Hand is exquisite. Slightly oversized and made of heavy stamped brass, it is a must-have for Classical or Victorian interiors. It comes in our exclusive Antique by-Hand - a finish that ages gracefully over time into a beautiful natural patina.

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#9 x 1 1/4 Inch Brass Flat Head Slotted Wood Screws - 25 Pack in Polished Brass

This mid-length flat-head wood screw (#9 x 1 1/4 inch) provides additional grab for weight-bearing hardware, such as shelf and handrail brackets. Precision crafted in solid brass, with a bright Polished Brass finish, these premium screws feature deep slots, crisp threads and sharply pointed tips. Authentic slotted flat head style to match your hardware, new or old.

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Double Coat Hook with Porcelain Ball Tips In Lacquered Brass

An elegant hallmark of the Victorian Era, this double coat hook is cast in solid brass with porcelain ball tips. Lacquered to preserve the sleek finish, it's the ideal adornment for traditional interiors. Easy surface mount installation.

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Cast Iron 4-Pronged Coat Hook in Matte Black

This 4-pronged coat hook will stand up to frequent use in in your busy entryway, mudroom or barn. Made of heavy-duty cast iron with a black powder coated finish. Able to hold at least four items at a time, the lower hooks are ideal for lighter items and jackets, while the upper is perfect for hats, heavier coats and bags.

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12" Cast-Iron Strap Hinge with Whale Tail Design in Matte Black

Our authentic 12-inch New England-style Strap Hinge with Whale-Tip Design is the perfect combination of charm and durability. This traditional accent is made of cast iron and features a textured surface and black powder-coat finish.

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Neoclassical Double Gang Toggle Switch Plate in Antique-By-Hand

Our Neoclassical double toggle switch plate in Antique-by-Hand is a stately addition to any room. This refined design, with its leafy inset border and bellflower garlands, is derived from P & F Corbin's Amalfi pattern of 1905. Forged from solid brass, this durable plate is hand-finished in our exclusive antique patina. The surface is not lacquered, allowing the finish to age gracefully and develop highlights with use. U.S. Patent No. D887,368.

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Ornate Cast Iron Screen Door Latch Set In Antique Iron

Why reserve elegant Victorian design for your home's interior? This ornate 1890s style latch adds a gracious touch to even the humblest screen door. It's easy to install (just drill for the spindle) it includes a plain mortise strike. The latch features a handy privacy lock, which is great for keeping in pets & small children! Reproduced in cast iron with a lacquered antique iron finish.

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Cast Brass "Bathroom" Sign in Polished Brass

Our vintage-style Bathroom door sign in Polished Brass finish brings an authentic look wherever it resides. Cast in solid brass for durability, it features distinctive cut corners, a textured background, and classic font. Its smaller size works well on most doors, whether in an office building, restaurant, or home.

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Spanish Cross-Head Iron Clavos Nails - Pack of Six 2" Diameter in Matte Black

Our Spanish Cross-Head Clavos Nails bring rustic style to a variety of applications. Constructed from solid cast iron with a weather resistant black powder-coated finish, these sturdy accents are ideal for doors, gates, cabinets, furniture and more! Used indoors or out, we recommend installing with a soft-touch hammer to avoid damaging the finish. May require pre-drilling for harder surfaces. For decorative purposes only.

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