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Solid Brass Shelf Bracket - 9 7/8" x 7 3/8" In Antique Brass

A simple design gives this solid-brass bracket a versatile quality, making it ideal for just about any room. The arched support is an optimal choice for holding shelves to help organize a utility or laundry room, or display keepsakes throughout the house. Vintage styled antiqued brass finish.

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Como Single Push-Button Switch Plate in Antique Brass

Our elegant Single Push-Button Switch Plate was derived from P & F Corbin's Como pattern of 1905. To capture every intricate detail of the originals, this neoclassical design is faithfully rendered in stamped sheet brass. Lightweight, yet durable, it comes with a lacquered Antique Brass finish.

$10.40 $20.79
Classic Cup Bin Pull - 2 1/2" Center-to-Center in Antique Brass Distressed

This early 20th-century bin pull delivers pure vintage charm. Its half-moon shape and dog-eared tab combo goes with every style, from Craftsman to Colonial-Revival. Finely cast and made in Italy. Antique Brass finish.

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Swirl Design Cabinet Knob in Antique Brass Dark

Dress up your cabinets or furniture with this top quality Baroque pull. This Victorian style knob is precision cast in Italy with an Antique Brass finish. Standard sized knob to suit most applications.

$5.55 $11.09
2 1/4" Backset Windsor Pattern Mortise Lock in Antique Brass

This exceptional Windsor-pattern mortise lock is adorned with a whimsical aesthetic design. Introduced by Reading Hardware in 1885, it's just as fresh and lovely today. The lock features a 1/8" thick solid-brass face plate and interior components, and a heavy cast-zinc case. Available in a period Antique Brass finish, it's suited for almost any decor. This set comes complete with two brass skeleton keys and is reversible for left or right-hand doors.

$42.98 $85.95
Plated-Steel Sash Chain - #25 in Antique Brass

Our Number-25 Antique Brass Sash Chain is typically used for counterbalance systems on double-hung windows. Made of plated steel, it is a decorative and more sturdy alternative to standard cord options. Ideal for new construction, or for replacing a worn or damaged system.

$1.05 $2.09
Solid Brass Reeded Floor-Mount Door Stop in Antique Brass

Understated, yet elegant our Reeded Floor-Mount Door Stop brings Classical flair to your decor. Constructed of solid brass this traditional style features a reeded design and leafy motif. A perfect choice for any formal setting, it comes in a rich Antique Brass finish.

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3 1/8" Antique Brass Plated Skeleton Key With Triple Notched Bit

This pretty, antique brass plated skeleton key was designed to work as a master key for antique mortise and rim locks. Featuring a triple notched bit, it's likely to operate around 30% of vintage locks (results not guaranteed).

$1.67 $2.79
Solid Brass Lion-Head Coat Hook in Antique Brass

What a dignified addition to any home! This lion head hook dates from the Victorian era but is Neo-Classical in spirit. Its regal design is reproduced in solid cast brass and finished with a period antique patina that is lacquered to preserve the look.

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Pair of Brown Porcelain Doorknobs with Brass Shank in Antique Brass

Earthen brown porcelain knobs work well with Victorian or Craftsman homes alike. Paired with small rosettes or back plates they make a wonderful period door set. The durable glazed knobs are firmly fastened to a solid brass shank with a lacquered antique finish.

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Large Octagonal Cut Crystal Knob With Solid Brass Base in Antique Brass

Exquisite cut crystal knob with many facets in a classic octagonal shape. This Victorian style knob in Antique Brass will add distinction to any interior space. The 1 1/2-inch diameter is an ideal size for larger cabinets, built-ins and vintage furniture.

$8.95 $17.89
3" Wrought Brass Rosette in Antique Brass

When you have a pre-bored door, but want to use vintage style knobs, this 3-inch diameter rosette may be just the thing. Made of solid, wrought brass with an Antique Brass finish.

$9.40 $18.79
Pair of Brown Porcelain Rim Lock Knobs With Solid Brass Shanks in Antique Brass

Combine these brown porcelain knobs with a brass rim lock to give your doors a homey Victorian feel. The solid brass base has a lacquered antique brass finish. Each knob set has one long shank and one short shank with a flange (to sit flush on the lock surface).

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Gaios Solid-Brass Cabinet Knob - 1 1/2" Diameter in Antique Brass Finish

Adorned with a sinuous motif, the Gaios cabinet knob brings a hint of gothic style to any decor. Cast in solid brass with an antiqued and lacquered finish, it is a handsome addition to furniture or cabinetry throughout your home.

$4.25 $8.49
#9 x 1 Inch Brass Flat Head Slotted Wood Screws - 25 Pack in Antique Brass

Our premium flat-head wood screws are indispensable for woodworkers and restoration contractors alike. Made of solid brass, in a vintage Antique Brass finish, they featured deeply slotted heads, crisp threads and sharp tips. This sturdy #9 x 1 inch size works well on heavy-use items, such as casement latches, sash locks and door bolts.

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7" Bristol Arch Top Pocket-Door Pull in Antique Brass

Dress your pocket door in modern style with this heavy duty, yet sleek arch-top pull. Forged in brass, its crisp, clean lines work well for any contemporary decor. This top-quality pull adds the perfect finishing touch to your door. Antique brass finish.

$30.02 $42.89
Small Classic Ring Pull - 1 9/16" x 1 5/16" in Antique Brass Distressed

Bring home a true classic with this old-world style ring pull. Finely crafted from cast brass, it's as durable as it is attractive. Ideal for traditional cabinetry and furniture. Made in Italy. Its distressed antique finish completes the antique look.

$2.90 $5.79
Ellis Solid-Brass Coat Hook in Antique Brass

Vintage styling and durable, solid-brass construction make the swiveling Ellis Coat Hook a must-have for Arts & Crafts interiors. Timeless in every sense of the word, it comes in a classic antiqued finish, lacquered.

$5.95 $11.89
Solid Brass Casement Window Latch With Pendant Handle In Antique Brass

This late Victorian style casement latch in Antique Brass is as practical as it is beautiful. The pendant-like handle pivots up to disengage the latch, but hangs tight to the sash otherwise, making this a great choice for windows with interior shutters or blinds! Made of durable, non-rusting cast brass, it includes three types of keeper - flush, mortise and side mount.

$12.40 $24.79
Medium Octagonal Cut Crystal Knob With Solid Brass Base in Antique Brass

Exquisite cut crystal knob with many facets in a classic octagonal shape. This Victorian style knob will add distinction to any interior space. The 1 3/16-inch size is suitable for cabinets throughout your home. Available in Antique Brass.

$8.40 $16.79
Cast Brass "Bathroom" Sign in Antique Brass

Our vintage-style Bathroom door sign brings an authentic look wherever it resides. Cast in solid brass for durability, it features distinctive cut corners, a textured background, and classic font. Its smaller size works well on most doors, whether in an office building, restaurant, or home.

$6.30 $12.59
Classic Round Knob - 1 3/16" Diameter in Antique Brass Distressed

This early 20th-century knob delivers pure vintage charm. Its classic shape goes with every style, from Craftsman to Colonial-Revival. Finely cast and made in Italy. Antique Brass finish.

$5.15 $10.29
Traditional Forged Brass Push Button / Duplex Combination Switch Plate in Highlighted Antique

Our premium-quality, forged brass switch plates are a practical and elegant enhancement to your home. Featuring crisp, beveled edges, this Traditional Push Button/Duplex Combination Cover Plate in Highlighted Antique will complement every style of decor.

$10.67 $17.79
Ribbon and Reed Single-Post Pull with Flower Motif - 1 1/2" Diameter in Antique Brass Dark

Elegant neoclassical styling with its ribbon and wreath motif, beaded border, and striking flower centerpiece, gives this pull a timeless appeal. Precision cast in brass, each element is showcased in intricate detail. Made in Italy, it comes with a warm antique finish.

$5.55 $11.09