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Standard 3-Way Push Button Dimmer Switch with Pearl Buttons - 600W

Our standard 3-way push-button dimmer switch adjusts the light level of one or more fixtures operated from two locations. One button operates the fixture, while the other adjusts the light level. Patterned after early 20th century designs, it's the perfect companion to our own standard push-button switches. All of our dimmers are built to modern safety standards (UL and CUL listed), and suitable for restoration or new construction alike.

This dimmer can be installed with the dimmer button in the top or bottom position. The 600-watt dimmer is suitable for larger fixtures or chandeliers with high wattage bulbs. (NOT INTENDED FOR USE WITH LED OR CFL BULBS, FANS OR LOW VOLTAGE).

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Weathered Bronze Strap Door Hinge With Tuscan Design

This heavy duty forged hinge is flush mounting and measures approximately 13-inch in total length and 5 1/2-inch at the widest.

$52.47 $74.95
Solid-Brass Sash Chain - #25 in Polished Brass

Our Number-25 Polished Brass Sash Chain is typically used for counterbalance systems on double-hung windows. Made of rust-resistant solid brass, it is a decorative and more sturdy alternative to standard cord options. Ideal for new construction, or for replacing a worn or damaged system.

$1.90 $3.79
Premium 4-Way White Push Button Light Switch with True Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

A House of Antique Hardware exclusive! Our Premium 4-Way White Push Button Light Switch is the most authentic you'll find anywhere. Faithfully reproduced from antique originals, it features larger, white buttons and genuine mother-of-pearl inlay. This iridescent shell shimmers as it reflects light, adding a touch of subtle elegance. The internal components have been painstakingly engineered for smooth operation, while retaining the classic snap sound and action. Built to modern safety standards (UL & CUL listed), it is the switch of choice for any period restoration.

$15.15 $30.29
4" Decorative Vine-Pattern Hinge In Antique-By-Hand

This delightfully decorative 4-inch brass hinge embodies the Victorians' passion for elegant design. The stylized vines, patterned barrel and distinctive steeple finials will accent your most formal interiors. Made of substantial cast brass, it features our exclusive Antique by-Hand finish which ages gracefully over time into a beautiful natural patina.

$19.50 $38.99
Rococo Floor-Mount Doorstop in Polished Brass

We don't often think of a doorstop as a major design element, but our lovely Rococo Floor-Mount model is an exception to the rule! The cap is embossed with an 18th-century French influenced design, so elegant and attractive you'll hate to hide it behind your door. Made of solid brass, with a durable black bumper and a classic polished finish.

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Pair of Galvanized Iron Scroll Shutter Dogs - Lag Mounted

Rugged meets refined in these classic scroll design shutter dogs. With their elegant profile and hammered texture they beautifully compliment any style of home. Made of heavy duty cast iron, galvanized and finished with a rust resistant black powder coat. Designed for masonry applications.

$13.10 $26.19
3 1/2" Solid Brass Mortise Strike Plate in Polished Brass

Our sturdy reproduction Mortise Strike Plate (3 1/2-Inch) is perfect for replacing a missing, or an old or broken strike plate for an antique mortise lock. The solid-brass construction is made to last helping to keep your doors working smoothly for years to come. It comes in a shiny polished finish, and it's reversible for left or right handing.

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Large Octagonal Cut Crystal Knob With Solid Brass Base in Polished Brass

Exquisite cut crystal knob with many facets in a classic octagonal shape. This Victorian style knob will add distinction to any interior space. The 1 1/2-inch diameter is an ideal size for larger cabinets, built-ins and vintage furniture. Gleaming glass and polished brass will make your cabinets sparkle.

$8.55 $17.09
Decorative Cast Iron Screen Door Hinge With Acorn Finials In Matte Black

Ornate cast iron hinges add a delightful Victorian touch to any screen door. This handsome reproduction features charming acorn finials, a fanciful leaf pattern, and a Matte Black finish. The strong, enclosed spring closes your door with a resounding bang!

$10.60 $21.19
Large Cast Brass Baroque Door Knocker

Ornately adorned with a hint of the Baroque, this large door knocker makes a stunning statement at the entrance to your Victorian home. Crafted from heavy cast brass with a lacquered antique finish, this 1890's design is sure to garner plenty of admiration! Mounted from inside with through bolts and matching covers.

$76.23 $108.90
4" Ball-Tip Windsor Pattern Hinge In Unlacquered Brass

Our exceptional Windsor pattern 4-inch brass hinges are some of the most beautiful and finely cast hinges on the market. Introduced by Reading Hardware in 1885, the whimsical aesthetic design is just as fresh and lovely today. Made of solid cast brass with a polished, un-lacquered finish.

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Oriental Bit-Key Double Pocket-Door Mortise Lock in Un-Lacquered Brass

The centerpiece of this double pocket-door mortise lock features bold geometric markings surrounded by delightful floral patterns. This circa 1880's Eastlake design is reproduced in solid, cast brass with all brass interior working parts. The faceplate and strike are left unlaquered and will develop highlights with use, just like period originals. Pair with our matching pocket-door pulls.

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Eastlake Style Twist Door Bell in Oil Rubbed Bronze

This decorative door bell reveals the eclectic side of Victorian design. The exuberant mix of Eastlake, Baroque and Neo-Grec elements makes it a wonderful choice for most any late 19th century home. Cast in solid brass and available in a period oil-rubbed bronze finish.

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Cast Iron Boot Scraper in Matte Black

Keep your front entry free of debris with a this cast iron boot scraper. The rustic design hearkens back to pre-pavement times, when scraping one's boots before entering a home or establishment was considered good manners. The finish is a matte black powder coat.

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4 1/2" Decorative Steeple-Tipped Door Hinge in Antique Pewter Finish

This delightfully decorative brass hinge embodies the Victorians' love of elegant design. The stylized vines, patterned barrel and distinctive steeple finials will accent your most formal interiors. Made of substantial cast brass in antique pewter.

$20.99 $29.99
Victorian Gothic Cast Iron Shelf Bracket - 9 1/4 x 6 3/4" in Matte Black Finish

This distinctive Victorian style bracket in matte black is a House of Antique Hardware exclusive! Reproduced from an 1880s Gothic Revival design, it has a wonderful architectural quality, recalling the bracketed wood ceilings of medieval churches. Made of heavy duty cast iron to provide sturdy support for shelves throughout your home.

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Cast-Iron Bird Plant Hanger in Antique Iron

This decorative Bird Plant Hanger features an elegant, nature-inspired design and an Antique Iron finish. Cast in heavy-duty iron, it is sturdy enough to hold large plants---indoors or out.

$12.90 $25.79
Milk White Translucent Round Glass Mushroom Cabinet Knob With Nickel Bolt

This hard-to-find round glass knob adds instant charm to your kitchen or bath. The versatile mushroom shape suits most any style, from colonial revival to mid-century modern. Approximately 1 1/8-inch in diameter, it works on cabinet doors, drawers and furniture alike.

$3.55 $7.09
12" Rustic Cast Iron Dummy Strap With Fleur De Lis Motif

Our French-country dummy strap with a rustic, textured surface and stylized floral motif is the perfect decorative accent to shutters, doors, gates and garages. Pre-finished with a black powder-coat.

$8.55 $17.09
Standard 4-Way Push Button Light Switch With Pearl Buttons

Our 4-way push button light switch is installed between two 3-way switches when a fixture is operated from three locations. Based on early twentieth century models, it features white mother-of-pearl buttons and makes a resounding click when pressed. All of our switches are built to modern safety standards (UL and CUL listed), and suitable for restoration or new construction alike.

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10" Pair of 3/4" Offset Galvanized Iron Shutter Strap Hinges With Plate Pintles

These traditional Colonial style 3/4-inch offset hinges with plate pintles are still popular today! The 10 inch straps are forged out of steel and the pintles are made of solid cast iron, both galvanized. These versatile hinges can be mounted to show either when the shutters are open or closed. The rough textured black powder coating provides a great period look and helps reduce rust.

$13.70 $27.39
Deluxe Victorian Picture Hanging Kit in Antique Gold

This gorgeous Victorian picture hanger is the finishing touch to your most special paintings or photos. Including an elegant rosette with built-in moulding hook, a large tassel and 3-ply hanging cord, it has everything you need to hang a single picture frame. A classic period accessory with its Antique Gold color!

$4.90 $9.79
Filigree Brass Cremone Bolt - 4-Foot Length in Antique-By-Hand

The Filigree 4-foot cremone bolt is both functional and decorative, and its raised patterns reflect Classical and Victorian influences. Made from solid brass, it is available in our Antique-By-Hand finish which ages gracefully over time. It is ideal for smaller casement windows, cabinets, and furniture.

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