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Hardware & Lighting Inspired by the Late Victorian Era

With designs dating from the 1890s through early twentieth century, the Victoria collection embodies the elegant style of the late Victorian age. Like the architecture and furnishings of the day, hardware and lighting looked to history for inspiration. The European Renaissance and Baroque periods, the Middle Ages, and even the American Colonial era offered a seemingly endless trove of ideas from which to choose. With the advent of industrial age technology, it become possible to mass produce intricate and ornate pieces that could only have been hand-crafted in the past.  

Most of the items in the Victoria Collection were inspired by the Baroque styles of the seventeenth century. Made of solid brass, they are lavishly embellished with flowers, vines, foliage, and shells in imitation of nature. While ideal for the restoration of a period Victorian home, these unique pieces of hardware and lighting will add a touch of elegance to homes of any age. 

A Queen Anne Victorian style home, with all the bells and whistles of the era - multiple porches, a turret, complicated roof-lines, and a variety of shingle and siding treatments. 

Door Hardware

Ornamented with scrolls and vines, our Largo pattern door set is the centerpiece of the Victoria Collection. Like most door hardware of the period, the design was derived from historical styles - in this case the Flemish Baroque. Paired with decorative door hinges and other ornate door accessories, it creates the ultimate expression of late Victorian style. 

Grand Victorian Entry Door Set

Largo Door Set

Largo Door Set with Crystal Knobs

Victorian Steeple Tip Hinge

Marseille Push Plates

Filigree Cremone Door Bolt

Victorian Screen Door Latch

Decorative Screen Door Hinge

Victorian Hand-Turn Doorbell

A tightly packed row of Victorian houses displays the love or ornament so typical of the age. 


In most Victorian era homes, the focal point of a room was the central chandelier. While earlier fixtures were lit exclusively with gas, by 1900 lights combining gas and electricity transitioned between the old and new technologies. Characterized by their ornate glass shades and preponderance of ornament, Victorian chandeliers are the ideal way to add high-style elegance to any room. Complete the period look with push-button light switches inset with mother-of -pearl, decorative switch plates, and a faux-plaster ceiling medallion.

8 Light English Victorian Chandelier

6 Light English Victorian Chandelier

English Victorian Double Sconce

English Victorian Double Sconce

Ashton Ceiling Medallion

Floral Victorian Switch Plate

Premium Push Button Switch

Devon Entry Light

Devon Small Entry Light

Devon Post-Mount Light

Victorian homes were typically furnished with a variety of ornate pieces, such as this French-inpsired console table and upholstered side chair.

Cabinet & Furniture Hardware

In the late nineteenth century hardware for cabinets and furniture expressed the same passion for design as lighting and door hardware. Ornate knobs, pulls, latches, and hinges added a decorative flourish to kitchen and pantry cupboards, dining room built-ins, dressers, wardrobes, and other furniture throughout the home. Handy brass casters attached to the feet of most chairs and tables made it simple to rearrange rooms for any purpose. The Victoria Collection includes a handful of cabinet hardware pieces that will bring the charm of that era into your own home.

Ribbed Glass Cabinet Knob

Butterfly Cabinet Latch

Rococo Cabinet Knob

Ornate Victorian Bail Pull

Victorian Decorative Bin Pull

Victorian Cabinet Hinge

Victorian Keyhole Cover

Brass Furniture Caster

Home Accents

In the late Victorian era, even the smallest and most utilitarian items played an important role in the overall look of a home. Essential pieces of hardware such as doorbells, stair brackets, picture hooks, and dust corners were designed with beauty in mind. Ornamented with scrolls and vines, flowers, and beads, they will delight the eye in unexpected places throughout your home.

Ornate Brass Floor Register

Victorian Doorbell Button

Spiderweb Handrail Bracket

Scroll Picture Rail Hook

Picture Handing Medallion

Floral Door Stop

Ashville Double Hook

Brass Dust Corner

Brass Shelf Brackets

Window & Shutter Hardware

Due to improvements in glass making technology, most Victorian homes featured double-hung sash windows with much larger panes of glass. Like earlier sash windows they functioned with a combination of lifts, locks, and pulleys. Another innovation of the time was transom windows over interior doors. Tilting open to improve air circulation, they required their own special hardware to operate. On the exterior, shutters were employed far less often than in the colonial era and used a new factory-made type of lift-off hinge mortised into the window frame.  

Floral Victorian Sash Lock

Fleur de Lis Sash Lift

Brass Transom Operator

Victorian Interior Shutter Catch

Cast Iron Shutter Fasteners

Acme Victorian Shutter Hinges

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