Window Sash Stops

Old sash or double-hung windows often have problems staying open. Installing a window stop provides the perfect solution by allowing you to keep your windows open at any height. Our sash stay and sash window stop selection includes solid brass and cast iron window stays, sash stops, spring bolts and tension springs.

2 Products

Solid Brass Sash Stay

This cast brass stay for sash windows measures 2 5/8 by 1 1/8-inch including the handle. Available in several finishes to match any décor.

Pair of Solid Brass Sash Stop Bead Adjusters

Solid brass sash stop bead adjusters are a great alternative to using screws or nails to fasten the sash stops, and allow for easy removal and adjustment. These premium grade fasteners secure the stops and allow easy removal for refinishing, repairs, and periodic adjustment of wooden sash windows should they become difficult to operate due to seasonal weather changes.