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Ceiling light fixtures are the perfect lighting solution for kitchens, bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms. Many of our flush mount ceiling lights allow you to choose a matching light shade separately, giving you the flexibility to match a light fixture to your home's unique style.

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Inglenook Semi Flush Ceiling Light in Valiant Bronze Finish

Bold and geometric, this striking semi-flush fixture recalls Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie glass panels of the early 20th century. A classic Arts & Crafts piece, it features handcrafted art glass in shades of sapphire blue, warm honey, amber and cream. What a dramatic accent to any vintage or contemporary interior!

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Stephen Small Semi Flush Mount in Vintage Bronze Finish

Bold and geometric, this striking art glass fixture recalls Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie glass panels of the early 20th century. A classic Arts & Crafts piece with handcrafted art glass in warm shades of amber, bisque and earthy green. What a dramatic accent to any vintage or contemporary interior!

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Ava Flush Mount Ceiling Light in Vintage Bronze

Genuine art glass in shades of crimson, saffron, sapphire and emerald will set your room ablaze with rich color! Handcrafted in iron with a deep bronze finish, this intricate Edwardian design gives any room an instant focal point.

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West End Art Glass Flush Mount In Vintage Bronze

This colorful Victorian style flush mount is sure to be the focal point of your living room, bedroom or hall. The floating shade is fitted with hand-cut art glass in a palette inspired by the flowers and foliage of Indian summer. Warm hues of amber, olive and burgundy, offset with a vintage bronze finish, create a warm and magical light.

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Reed Stained Glass 17" Flush-Mount Ceiling Light

A bold, geometric design, fitted with art glass in shades of gold, green and rust, gives the Reed Stained Glass 17-Inch Flush-Mount Ceiling Light a distinctly Arts & Crafts look. Only 6-inches high, it sits tight to the ceiling - perfect for a bedroom, living room or hall. The frame is finished in a period-appropriate vintage bronze to coordinate with Craftsman hardware and lighting throughout your home.

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Baroque Tiffany Semi Flush Mount

Inspired by French Art Nouveau artist Emile Galle, this opulent semi-flush mount fixture will add a touch of 19th century artistry to your home. The double overlaid shade is etched in colorful-yet-earthy tones set in a fleur de lis pattern. Glass jewel accents throughout add extra sparkle. Another dazzling accent, a large amber art glass sphere, adorns the scrolled wrought iron frame. This brightly classical fixture will enliven any space.

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Carroll Flush-Mount Ceiling Light

The Carroll Flush-Mount Ceiling Light is a staple of timeless style. It features art glass arranged in swirling patterns resembling a flowing heart, accented with jewels of red and amber. The vintage-bronze finish adds a pleasing contrast.

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Kami Art Glass Flush Mount In Vintage Bronze

Tiffany Studio's fabulous stained glass inspired this lovely Victorian style flush mount. The classic floral pattern shade is hand-crafted from genuine art glass in shades of yellow, orange and cream, accented with amber flowers and green leaves. Set into a delicate, bronze finished framework, the effect is magical.

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Dylan Tiffany Flush Mount

This lovely flush mount displays an Arts & Crafts sensibility with hints of Art Nouveau. Warm earth tones accentuate the simple oak leaf pattern, and capture the spirit of autumn. Art glass jewels in rich crimson dot the diameter, adding texture and reflecting light. An ideal fixture to introduce subtle flair into a library, living room or bedroom.

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Peony Crystal Tiffany Semi Flush Mount

This stained glass ceiling fixture’s generous bowl shade displays peony blossoms wrapped in lush foliage. Shimmery art glass jewels add another layer of texture. Tiffany-inspired whimsy with hints of Rococo continue through the body’s branch-like curves and amber crystal leaves. An exquisite piece, this light is ideal for an entryway, family room or bedroom.

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Savannah Tiffany Flush Mount

This verdant flush mount fixture features dragonflies in deep red and light blue iris blossoms set against a background of jewel tones. Extending the natural theme, the metal canopy is cast in a reeded pattern and finished in antique brass, which helps give the fixture it’s authentic Tiffany feel. This light will add a rich and textured quality to any room.

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Asheville Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Gentle scrollwork and Tiffany-style shades in classic patterns and colors bring sophistication to the Asheville Collection. The genuine art-glass shade is hand assembled, and the valiant-bronze finish anchors the traditional styling. This ceiling light is an elegant addition to a living room, kitchen sink, or bedroom.

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Pansy Tiffany Semi Flush Mount

In this Tiffany-inspired semi flush mount, a stained glass shade comprised of lush flowers and green foliage is set against a bright white background. The fixture is finished in antique brass and provides subtle contrast to the colorful shade. A cheerful fixture that’s a great lighting solution for a bedroom, sitting room or entryway.

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Graham Stained Glass Flush Mount In Vintage Bronze

This distinctive stained glass flush mount features a whimsical swirling design studded with glass jewels in a range of brilliant colors. Only 6-inch high, the floating shade sits tight to the ceiling - perfect for a bedroom, living room or hall. A vintage bronze finish sets off the glass, creating a bold and cheerful lighting effect.

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