Picture Rail Hooks & Picture Hanging Hooks

Picture rail hooks are used to hang art and photos from picture rail moldings. Simply attach the picture hook to the top of the picture rail using picture hanging cord to attach your artwork to the bottom of the hook. Use heavy duty hooks for larger art items.

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Heavy Duty Picture Rail Hook

This cast brass picture rail hook is made extra thick to support your heavier hanging items. The prominent button is not only eye-catching, it holds the wire firmly in place. The simple design and 8 great finish options make this a popular choice for any style of home.

Plain Tapered Picture Rail Hook

Utterly plain, yet stylishly shaped, this tapered picture rail hook works with every type of décor. It's made of solid brass that is pressure formed for strength. Choose from 8 popular period and modern finishes.

Streamline Picture Rail Hook

Sleek and simple, with a sharply tapered profile, our Streamline Picture Rail Hook is a great choice for homes of the 1920s and 30s. Made of solid brass it is pressure formed for added strength. Choose from an array of classic finish options.

Cast Brass Picture Rail Hook

Though it dates from the 1880s, this stylish hook has a clean and modern appeal. The crisp design - based on an inverted C - is suited to classic, craftsman or contemporary interiors. Cast from solid brass, this sturdy hook is ideal for large or heavy items!

Plated-Steel Picture Rail Hook

This simple Plated-Steel Picture Rail Hook is an economical way to hang your pictures in true, period style. The steel is pressure-formed for added strength. Choose from an array of popular finish options.

Plated Steel Rod Picture Rail Hook

Despite its slight appearance, this simple Plated Picture Rail Hook is extremely strong. Made of flattened steel rod, it is a great choice for galleries or anywhere a large quantity of hooks are required.