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Prairie Tulips Cabinet Knob - 1 1/4" Square

Crisp and geometric in design, the handcrafted Prairie Tulips Cabinet Knob (1 1/4-Inc Square) proclaims its Prairie School roots. Like the stained glass windows of Frank Lloyd Wright, it translates flowers and foliage into abstract forms, creating a dynamic accent to your cabinets and furniture. Precision cast in pewter, then finished by hand in an array of period metal and enamel colors. Made in the USA.

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Newport Cabinet Knob - 1 1/4" Diameter

The Newport Cabinet Knob (1 1/4-Inch Diameter) makes a striking statement with bold geometrics and quality materials. Made from solid brass, this handsome design is a great choice for both Deco and contemporary interiors. Choose from a host of popular finish options.

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Large Hepplewhite Style Double Post Pull in Antique-by-Hand - 3" Center-to-Center

Our exclusive living antique finish enhances the authentic quality of this Federal-style drawer pull. The striking sunburst and delicate beaded border will beautify your finest antiques. It's manufactured of stamped sheet brass with cast brass handle and posts.

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Streamline Deco Cabinet Knob - 1 3/8" Diameter

Sleek and understated, the fashionable Streamline Deco Cabinet Knob (1 3/8-Inch Diameter) is a tasteful choice for your Deco or Mid-Century home. Finely crafted from forged brass, this handsome accent will give you a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment. Choose from and array of popular finish options.

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Vintage 1900 Cabinet Knob - 1 3/16" Diameter

The Vintage 1900 Cabinet Knob (1 3/16-Inch Diameter) features late 19th-century influences. This simple design is made of solid brass and comes available in a host of popular finish options. Comes complete with mounting hardware.

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Steam Works Cabinet Pull - 8" Center-to-Center

The Steam Works Cabinet Pull (8-Inch Center-to-Center) combines traditional and contemporary style. Offered in an array of classic finishes, this versatile design features clean lines and rounded profiles. The look is both subtle and sophisticated.

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Kensington 6" Bin Pull - 3" Center-to-Center

Accent furniture and cabinets throughout your home with this wonderful English-style pull. Inspired by Corbin's 1905 Mantura pattern, our modern recreation is finely cast in zinc for precise detail. Lavished with traditional, neo-classical designs, and your choice of three luxurious finishes, including satin 24K gold, it adds instant elegance to any formal decor. Handcrafted in the USA.

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Medium Sized Mission Handle in Antique-By-Hand - 3 1/2" Center to Center

This turn-of-the-century style pull features a crisp, rectangular bar and flared pyramid bases - hallmarks of the Mission style. The versatile design is useful on furniture and cabinets, and doubles as a sash lift! Reproduced in durable cast brass with our living antique finish.

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Tahoe Rustic Cabinet Pull - 5" Center-to-Center

The Tahoe 5-inch Center-to-Center Cabinet Pull offers subtle rustic style in classic shapes. Both versatile and durable it features a geometric silhouette with double twists. Choose from an array of slightly distressed finishes.

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Pale Green Octagonal Glass Knob with Brass Base 1 1/8-Inch Diameter

Understated elegance is yours by adding a unique and authentic turn-of-the-century touch to your home. Our classic octagonal knobs, made of vintage inspired pale green glass paired with sturdy brass, will add a fresh look to your home. This delicate 1 1/8-inch knob is perfectly scaled for small cabinet doors, drawers, interior shutters, or anywhere a petite knob is required. Choose from four popular finishes.

Lily Cabinet Knob Inset with Black Onyx - 1 1/4" Diameter

Inspired by Victorian-era broaches and pins, this lovely Lily Cabinet Knob Inset with Black Onyx (1 1/4-Inch Diameter) features a design of delicate lilies encircling a single onyx. Intricate and refined, it adds the finishing touch to your fine furniture and cabinetry. Precision cast in pewter for exceptional detail, then plated and hand-finished to highlight the pattern. Made in the USA.

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French Court Cabinet Knob - 1 1/4" Diameter

Our lavish French Court Cabinet Knob (1 1/4-Inch Diameter) gets its inspiration from French-Baroque style. Every detail of this highly decorative accent is showcased in solid brass thanks to investment casting—a method that the world's finest jewelers use to create their most elaborately detailed pieces. Handmade by skilled artisans, every piece is rich in design, giving each its own unique personality. Choose from an array of luxurious finishes.

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Traditional Bronze Cabinet Pull 10-Inch Center-to-Center

The traditional bronze 10-inch center-to-center cabinet pull has a solid no-nonsense quality that still conveys style. This pull is well-suited to spaces where work gets done. Install on cabinets, drawers and furniture pieces in need of a lift.

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Sinclaire Cabinet Pull - 6 5/16-Inch Center-to-Center

Takings its cues from classic Art Deco design, this 5 1/4-inch pull’s sleek lines and grooves imply machine-inspired motion. A timeless look lets this hardware work in both traditional and modern spaces. Perfect for kitchens and baths.

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Ribbed Clear Glass Cabinet Knob With Brass or Nickel Base

Add an elegant period touch to your kitchen or bath with this stylish Victorian-era cabinet knob. The glittering ribbed glass and gleaming brass (or nickel) base are a refined addition to your antique furniture as well. 1 3/16-inch diameter.

Medium Size Brass Cabinet Knob With Rosette - 1" Diameter

Our Medium-Size Knob with Rosette (1-Inch Diameter) works in both traditional and modern settings. It features a cast-brass knob and stamped-brass rosette.

Victorian-Style Crown Brass Bail Pull - 3" Center-to-Center

Add Victorian flair to your decor with this open pattern, crown-design decorative bail pull. Cast in solid brass, it’s intricate enough for fine furniture and sturdy enough for high-use drawers in your living room or bedroom. Choose from an unlacquered or antique-brass finish.

Steam Works Appliance Pull - 15" Center-to-Center

The Steam Works Appliance Pull (15-Inch Center-to-Center) combines traditional and contemporary style. Offered in an array of classic finishes, this versatile design features clean lines and rounded profiles. The look is both subtle and sophisticated.

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3 1/2" Cast Iron Neo-Classical Bin Pull In Antique Pewter - 2 15/16" Center-to-Center

This stately neo-classical drawer pull features an acanthus medallion surrounded by a crisp Greek-key border. The late nineteenth century design is carefully reproduced in cast iron with a lovely antique pewter finish. So refined, yet so durable!

Brixton Cabinet Pull - 6 5/16" Center-to-Center

Our Brixton Cabinet Pull (6 5/16-Inch Center-to-Center) is a classic choice for traditional interiors. This understated style is suited for kitchen, bath, or for updating vintage furniture. Choose from an array of popular finish options.

Aspen Twig Pull - 8" Center-to-Center

The Aspen Twig Pull (8-Inch Center-to-Center) presents a nature-inspired design with modern appeal. Made of cast bronze, this substantial pull stands up to heavy-duty use. Display for contrast on a sleek cupboard or as a matching accent on more rugged, cabin-style furniture. Available in an array of popular finish options.

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Classic Offset Drawer Pull in Antique-By-Hand - 3 1/2" Center to Center

This classic offset pull (handle projects at an angle) was a favorite in the early 20th century. The simple and comfortable design is useful on kitchen cabinets, built-ins and even window sashes. Made of cast brass with our living antique finish.

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Large Chippendale Rosette Pull - 3 1/2" Center to Center

This stylish Large Chippendale Rosette Bail Pull (3 1/2-Inch Center-to-Center) is so clean lined and modern looking, it's hard to believe the original dates from the 18th century. The rectangular handle is suspended from crisp, octagon rosettes all made of solid brass.

Seaside Collage Knob

The Seaside Collage Cabinet Knob is a delightful display of beach themed elements. Featuring a starfish and shells atop a scallop backdrop, each piece is precision cast in pewter and patinated to highlight the pattern. Handcrafted in the USA, it is a great choice for a seaside cottage.

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