1989 Products

Small Oval Brass Cabinet Knob in Antique-By-Hand - 1" x 5/8"

As pleasing to the touch as to the eye, this plain oval knob is perfect for small drawers or cabinet doors (mount vertically or horizontally). The simple design is cast from durable brass and hand-finished with our living antique patina.

Hepplewhite Style Double Post Pull in Antique-By-Hand - 2 1/2" Center-to-Center

This gracious oval pull, with its sunburst motif and delicate beaded border, embodies American Federal style. Our hand-applied antique patina completes the authentic look. It's made of stamped sheet brass with a solid-cast handle and posts.

Lido Crystal Glass Cabinet Knob - 1 3/8" Square

Bright, fresh and modern - this striking Lido Cabinet Knob (1 3/8-Inch Square) is sure to be the focal point of your kitchen or bath. Made of dazzling, clear crystal with a solid brass base, it has the quality and style your home deserves!

Queensway Drawer Pull - 4" Center to Center

Our Queensway drawer pull captures the opulence of early 18th-century English-baroque style. Each piece is beautifully cast, then finished in your choice of three luxurious finishes, from a silvery antique pewter, to rich dark brass, to a radiant satin 24k gold. Leafy foliage and delicate swirls are presented in splendid detail. A must have for high-style period interiors! Handcrafted in the USA.

Vintage 1900 Cabinet Knob - 1 3/16" Diameter

The Vintage 1900 Cabinet Knob (1 3/16-Inch Diameter) features late 19th-century influences. This simple design is made of solid brass and comes available in a host of popular finish options. Comes complete with mounting hardware.

Flower Pattern Cabinet Knob - 1 1/4" Diameter

For added charm to your décor, look no further than this petite knob featuring a beautifully detailed flower, ideal for small drawers and cabinet doors. Made in Italy and precision cast in zinc, it comes in a range of special finishes.

3" Ebonized Wood Tear Drop Pull With Eastlake Rosette In Antique-By-Hand Finish

Dangling tear drop pulls were popular throughout the late Victorian era. Typically found on Eastlake or Renaissance Revival furniture, they're a dramatic accent for your kitchen or bath as well. Solid brass with an ebonized wood pendant and our hand-applied antique finish.

Savion Angled Wood Cabinet Pull - 6 1/4" Center-to-Center

Give your interior a retro look with the Savion Collection. Made in Denmark with your choice of oak or walnut, this angled is suited for cabinets and drawers alike.

Axle Wood Drawer Knob - 2 3/16" Diameter

Give your interior a retro look with the Axle Collection. Made in Denmark with your choice of oak or walnut, this concave knob is suited for cabinets and drawers alike.

Menlo Park Cabinet Pull - 6" Center-to-Center

The versatile design of the Menlo Park Cabinet Pull (6-Inch Center-to-Center) combines the best of traditional and contemporary styles. Offered in an array of classic finishes, this sleek design features clean lines and a geometric profile. The look is both subtle and sophisticated.

Medium Sized Mission Handle - 3 1/2" Center to Center

This turn-of-the-century style pull features a crisp, rectangular bar and flared pyramid bases - hallmarks of the Mission style. The versatile design is useful on furniture and cabinets, and doubles as a sash lift! Reproduced from an antique original in durable cast brass.

Over-Sized Hexagonal Glass Drawer Knob With Nickel Bolt

Hard to find 1 3/4-inch size of the classic American hexagon knob. This elegant, clear glass knob adds a striking period accent to your vintage dresser, linen cupboard, sideboard, or other large built-ins.

Chalet Appliance Pull - 18" Center-to-Center

The Chalet Appliance Pull (18-Inch Center-to-Center) is a splendid blend of glamour and tradition. Featuring a gently flared profile supported by stepped octagonal bases, this appliance pull is an elegant addition to any interior. Choose from an array of classic finish options.

Classic Offset Drawer Pull - 3" Center to Center

Our Classic Offset Drawer Pull (3-Inch Center-to-Center) was a favorite in the early 20th-century. The simple, comfortable design is useful on kitchen cabinets, built-ins and even window sashes. Made of solid, cast brass in three period finishes.

Brixton Cabinet Pull 8 13/16" - Center-to-Center

Our Brixton Cabinet Pull (8 13/16-Inch Center-to-Center) is a classic choice for traditional interiors. This understated style is suited for kitchen, bath, or for updating vintage furniture. Choose from an array of popular finish options.

Beaded Round Single-Post Pull - 1 9/16" Diameter

Always in style, this authentic reproduction, Colonial-Revival pull enriches the look of traditional cabinets and furniture. Its elegantly beaded border, and smooth center and handle are finely cast for precision detail. Made in Italy, it comes in your choice of antique patinas.

3 3/8" Eastlake Bin Pull In Antique-By-Hand - 2 15/16" Center-to-Center

This sturdy 1890s style bin pull bears a bold and cheerful Eastlake design. Made of cast brass, nearly 1/8-inch thick, it's easy to grip and holds up to heavy-duty use. Hand-finished with our living antique patina.

Small Leaf Cabinet Knob - 1" Diameter

This leafy accesory brings a classic look to your curio cabinet or small drawers. Made in Italy and precision cast in zinc, it comes in your choice of antique patinas.

Stickley Style Arts & Crafts Vertical Pull With "V" Shape Ring

Craftsman styling at it's best! This Gustav Stickley design ring pull has a rugged hammered surface, pyramid head screws, and a rich, oil-rubbed bronze finish. Narrow and vertical in design, it's ideal for cabinet or furniture doors. Forged from durable solid brass.

Large Chippendale Rosette Pull - 3 1/2" Center to Center

This stylish Large Chippendale Rosette Bail Pull (3 1/2-Inch Center-to-Center) is so clean lined and modern looking, it's hard to believe the original dates from the 18th century. The rectangular handle is suspended from crisp, octagon rosettes all made of solid brass.

Rhode Cabinet Pull - 3 7/8" Center-to-Center

Our Rhode Cabinet Pull (3 7/8-inch CTC) is a stylish choice for traditional interiors. Crafted from solid forged brass, it comes in an array of classic finishes. The oil-rubbed bronze and polished nickel are living finishes that age gracefully over time into a unique patina. Use it for kitchen or bath cabinets, or to update vintage furniture.

Classic White Porcelain Cabinet & Furniture Knob - 2" Diameter

Our Classic White Porcelain Knob (2-Inch Diameter) brings crisp, fresh style to your decor. They are ideal for use on kitchen or bath cabinets, dressers, medicine cabinets or interior shutters. The larger knobs are ideal for wardrobes or as dummy closet knobs. Installation is easy with a rear-mounted 1-inch machine screw (included).

Extra Large Federal-Style Knob & Back Plate - 2" Diameter

Our Extra Large Federal-Style Knob and Back Plate (2-Inch Diameter) features an elegant beaded knob, popular on Sheraton style furniture during the Federal period. A perfect choice for restorations, it is also a wonderful addition to kitchen or bath cabinets. Reproduced in stamped and wrought brass, just like the originals.

Medium Fluted Glass Cabinet Knob With Nickel Bolt

This sparkling, fluted glass cabinet knob was an Art Deco era favorite. The 1 1/4-inch diameter size knob is traditional for kitchen and bath drawers and cabinet doors. With everything from glossy black to milk green, there's the perfect period color for you.