Classic Cabinet Knobs

Add antique knobs to your cabinets or furniture for a classic, timeless look. These knobs are crafted from a variety of materials including brass, pewter, zinc and acrylic. They are available in many styles, sizes and finishes. Add the perfect touch to your home renovation project with one of these classic knobs.

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Medium Fluted Glass Cabinet Knob With Nickel Bolt

This sparkling, fluted glass cabinet knob was an Art Deco era favorite. The 1 1/4-inch diameter size knob is traditional for kitchen and bath drawers and cabinet doors. With everything from glossy black to milk green, there's the perfect period color for you.

Vintage 1900 Cabinet Knob - 1 3/16" Diameter

The Vintage 1900 Cabinet Knob (1 3/16-Inch Diameter) features late 19th-century influences. This simple design is made of solid brass and comes available in a host of popular finish options. Comes complete with mounting hardware.

Classic White Porcelain Cabinet & Furniture Knob - 1 1/2" Diameter

Our Classic White Porcelain Knob (1 1/2-Inch Diameter) brings crisp, fresh style to your decor. They are ideal for use on kitchen or bath cabinets, dressers, medicine cabinets or interior shutters. The larger knobs are ideal for wardrobes or as dummy closet knobs. Installation is easy with a rear-mounted 1-inch machine screw (included).

Lido Crystal Glass Cabinet Knob - 1 3/8" Square

Bright, fresh and modern - this striking Lido Cabinet Knob (1 3/8-Inch Square) is sure to be the focal point of your kitchen or bath. Made of dazzling, clear crystal with a solid brass base, it has the quality and style your home deserves!

Pink Lead-Free Square Crystal Knob with Solid Brass Base

Accessorize your cabinets or furniture with this light pink, square knob. The combination of facets and a knurled pattern at the base creates a sparkly pattern reminiscent of your favorite gem. Made of lead-free German crystal and a solid-brass base, it comes in an array of our most popular finishes.

Streamline Deco Cabinet Knob

The dynamic, streamlined design of this glamorous cabinet knob the 1930s, but looks good in any setting, from vintage Deco to Mid-Century. Constructed of solid brass, it comes in your choice of an array of popular finishes.

Large Octagonal Cut Crystal Knob With Solid Brass Base

Exquisite cut crystal knob with many facets in a classic octagonal shape. This Victorian style knob will add distinction to any interior space. The 1 1/2-inch diameter is an ideal size for larger cabinets, built-ins and vintage furniture.

Small Bristol Crystal Cabinet Knob With Solid Brass Base

Spherical crystal knobs enjoyed a brief popularity in the early part of the 20th century. A rarity today, our Small Bristol Crystal Cabinet Knob lends a unique authenticity to period restorations. The clarity and simplicity of this design makes it equally suited to modern interiors.

Atherton Plain Surface Cabinet Knob with Knurled Edge - 1 1/4" Diameter

The Atherton Plain Surface Round Cabinet Knob with Knurled Edge (1 1/4-inch-Inch Diameter) adds traditional style to your decor. Made of solid brass, this bold accent, features a timeless shape and comes in an array of classic finishes.

Belcastel Flat-Bottom Cabinet Knob - 1 3/8" Diameter

The Belcastel 1 3/8-inch Cabinet Knob offers Colonial style with a hint of old-world charm. Lending a nostalgic look to both cabinets and drawers alike, it features smooth lines and a minimal design. It pairs beautifully with river rock or other natural design elements in your kitchen or bath. Choose from an array of unique finishes.

Flower Pattern Cabinet Knob - 1 1/4" Diameter

For added charm to your décor, look no further than this petite knob featuring a beautifully detailed flower, ideal for small drawers and cabinet doors. Made in Italy and precision cast in zinc, it comes in a range of special finishes.

Portobello Jeweled Knob With Pembridge Back Plate

Recalling 16th-century English style, the Portobello knob and Pembridge back plate add an elegant look to cabinets and furniture alike. Finely cast in pewter, its Renaissance-era leafy motif is displayed in precision detail, and an amber-color gem offers a charming accent. Choose from three luxurious finishes, from antique pewter, to dark brass, to a rich, satin 24k gold. Handcrafted in the USA.

Mushroom Style Cabinet Knob in Antique-By-Hand - 3/4" Diameter

Shaped like a tiny button mushroom, this simple round knob is useful for small furniture drawers. Made of durable and attractive cast brass, which is hand-finished with our living antique patina.

Providence Crystal Glass Cabinet Knob - 1 3/8" Diameter

Simple styling, numerous finish options, and top-quality materials make the Providence Crystal Glass Cabinet Knob (1 3/8-Inch Diameter) one of our most versatile designs. It is useful for both cupboard doors and drawers, and goes with everything from Colonial-Revival to Mid-Century Modern!

Solid Brass Hexagon Cabinet Knob - 1 1/4" Diameter

This brass hexagonal knob is a wonderful alternative to the more familiar glass version. Reproduced from an early 20th century original, it's extremely solid and durable - perfect for hardworking kitchen cabinetry. Choose from an array of perfect finishes!

Extra Large Federal-Style Knob & Back Plate - 2" Diameter

Our Extra Large Federal-Style Knob and Back Plate (2-Inch Diameter) features an elegant beaded knob, popular on Sheraton style furniture during the Federal period. A perfect choice for restorations, it is also a wonderful addition to kitchen or bath cabinets. Reproduced in stamped and wrought brass, just like the originals.

Cockatoo Small Knob - Right Hand

The Cockatoo Small Right-Hand Pull beautifully portrays this native of the tropical rainforest. Each piece is cast in pewter for exceptional detail, then plated and hand-finished, showcasing its plumage and raised crest. Exotic, yet modern, it is a lively addition to cabinets and drawers. Handcrafted in the USA.

Urchin Cabinet Knob - 1 1/4" Diameter

Our Urchin Cabinet Knob (1 1/4-Inch Diameter) draws inspiration from the Victorian era. Every detail is showcased in a solid-brass frame thanks to investment casting—a method that the world's finest jewelers use to create their most elaborate pieces. Handmade by skilled artisans, every piece is rich in design, giving each its own unique personality. Choose from an array of luxurious finishes.

Heart Design Cast-Iron Cabinet Knob

The Heart Design Cabinet Knob showcases stylized hearts and a beaded border. Cast in iron with an antique, lacquered finish, this heavy-duty accent stands up to frequent use. It is suited for larger drawers and cabinets in a variety of interior styles, from Victorian to Romantic.

Hammered Pyramid Style Cabinet Knob - 1 1/8" Square

This Mission Arts and Crafts style knob has crisp square edges and a hammered face. At 1 1/8 Inch square it is the perfect size for just about anywhere. Forged from durable solid brass and finished in oil-rubbed bronze.

Pisano Solid-Brass Cabinet Knob

The Pisano Cabinet Knob showcases a recreation of Russell and Erwin's Pisano pattern of 1897. Cast in solid brass, this heavy-duty accent stands up to frequent use and comes in an array of classic finish options. It is suited for larger drawers and cabinets in a variety of interior styles.

Solid Oak Round Cabinet Knob

This classic round knob is a Craftsman-era classic. Made of high-quality oak, it's versatile design lends a traditional charm to just about any oak cabinet door, drawer, or Craftsman furniture piece. Left unfinished, it can easily be stained, varnished or painted.

Medium Octagonal Cut Crystal Knob With Solid Brass Base

Exquisite cut crystal knob with many facets in a classic octagonal shape. This Victorian style knob will add distinction to any interior space. The 1 3/16-inch size is suitable for cabinets throughout your home.

Clear Octagonal Glass Knob with Brass Base 1 5/8-Inch Diameter

Understated elegance is yours by adding a unique and authentic turn-of-the-century touch to your home. Our classic octagonal knobs, made of brilliant clear glass paired with sturdy brass, will add a fresh look to your home. At 1 5/8-inch diameter, this knob works well for large cabinet doors, drawers, or any application on a bigger scale. Choose from four popular finishes.