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A Dozen Simple Ways to Revive Your Bedroom

The place you start and finish each day, your bedroom should bring you joy. As your personal sanctuary, you want it to be comfortable and relaxing when you need to unwind. If your bedroom seems lacking, there are dozens of small ways you can make it your own. A standout ceiling light, decorative drawer pulls, and a dimmer switch are just a few quick changes with immediate impact. To get you started we have put together a list of ideas from floor to ceiling, including lighting, hardware, and accessories. Step by step you can transform your bedroom into a place you’ll love to be at any time of day. 

Flush & Semi-Flush Ceiling Lights

Up and out of the way from the bustle of daily activities, flush mount lights are wonderful solution for bedrooms with standard height ceilings. Providing bright and even illumination from above, they also offer a bold dash of style. Whether your taste leans traditional or modern, you’ll find an endless array of design and finish options to choose from.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan offers so many benefits in the bedroom. In summer it keeps things cool with a gentle breeze and in winter circulates warm air from the ceiling back toward the floor. If you have trouble sleeping, the subtle white noise a fan produces is a bonus, blocking out other distracting sounds. There are flush-mount options for rooms with low ceilings and fans with extension rods for vaulted ceilings.  ​​​​

Adjustable Wall Lights

Wall sconces with flexible arms are a wonderful addition to your bedroom. You can position the light exactly where you need it, making them ideal for reading or other bedtime activities. Mounted beside or above the headboard, they also free up space on your nightstand. While they are optimal for small spaces without room for bedside furniture, they are also an added pleasure in larger rooms when paired with table lamps. 


Lamps are the go-to lighting option for most bedrooms. Requiring no special installation, they may be positioned throughout a space - beside the bed, on a dresser, or even a floor lamp in the corner. A mixture of lamp sizes and locations creates a variety of light levels and a more intimate atmosphere, ideal for reading, relaxing, or watching your favorite program.

Switch Plates and Switches

Switch plates are the simplest way to add dash of style to your bedroom. With designs ranging from ornate to understated, you can coordinate with your door hardware, your lighting, or the era of your home. When considering lighting, don’t forget dimmers! Lowering the light from your overhead fixtures and sconces will create a warm and soothing atmosphere, ideal for relaxing at night or getting ready early in the morning.

A pair of adjustable wall sconces over the bed is an idea solution when there is no room for nightstands and table lamps. 

Door Hardware Sets

With multiple doors leading to the hall, closet, and bathroom, door sets play an important role in most bedrooms. If the hardware is worn or unappealing, it may be time for a change. With looks ranging from modern to classic, rustic to refined, the options are endless. Examine your doors to determine what you need, then find a style that speaks to you!

Door Hinges

Hinges that are rusted or painted over can detract from the overall appearance of your space. If restoring them is out of the question, upgrading to new butt hinges will transform the look of your doors. Choose from plain or decorative styles, with finishes to match every type of door set.  

Door Stops

As inconspicuous as they may seem, doorstops are an essential item in the bedroom. Mounted on the floor, baseboard, wall, or hinge pin, they protect your walls and furniture from damage by a swinging door. See our handy doorstop shopping guide to find just the right solutions for all your bedroom doors.

Update the doors throughout your bedroom, closet, and bathroom with something the proclaims your unique style. 


A hook or two on the back of the bedroom door is surprisingly useful. Hang your bathrobe, pajamas, sweaters, and throws, or any items you want out of the way, but easy to access. Inside the closet hooks mounted to the back of the door and along the inside walls are ideal for flat items, such as belts, ties, and scarves. Larger hooks are well suited for hanging purses, tote bags, or other heavier items. For more ideas see our handy guide to getting organized with hooks.

Furniture Knobs & Pulls

If your bedroom furniture could use a facelift, new knobs or pulls may be just the thing. Trading out metal for glass, or modern for vintage (and vice versa), is a great way to breath new life into a dresser, nightstand, or armoire. For ideas and help navigating through the many choices, see our guide to selecting knobs & pulls.

Registers & Vents

Registers may be the last, but not the least important design choice you make for your bedroom. Although they serve a utilitarian function, their presence can enhance your space. Upgrade from boring big-box styles to something that shows your true design savvy.

Window Hardware

If you have original sash-over-sash (double-hung) windows, you’ll find that the locks and lifts have lost their looks with time. Installing new brass hardware with a gleaming finish will brighten your windows in an instant. If you are going the extra mile and undertaking a complete window restoration, you’ll find pulleys in matching finishes, as well as cord, chain, and weights.  If your bedroom has old-style out-swing casement windows, find everything you need to update them here

Beautifully restored windows brighten this sunny bedroom.

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