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Easy Ways to Get Organized with Decorative Hooks

A well-designed mudroom entry equipped with plenty of iron harness hooks.

You can never have too many hooks. Few pieces of hardware are as useful and versatile, providing small ways of keeping your home organized and functional. With so many styles and finishes to choose from, hooks can also be an attractive addition to your decor. From the front door to the kitchen sink,  discover dozens of unexpected ways to employ hooks throughout your home.

Types of Hooks

While their general purpose is the same, hooks come in all shapes and sizes. You will find small single hooks that can be tucked in almost anywhere, double hooks that hold items large or small, and multi-pronged hooks that maximize your storage potential. Durable cast or forged iron has been a traditional material for hooks for centuries, and today is powder coated or lacquered to resist rust. Brass and bronze hooks became popular in the Victorian era and may come in multiple finishes to coordinate with your decor. Read about the many types of hooks below to determine which options are right for you.

Coat and Hat Hooks

As the name implies, these multi-pronged hooks are designed to hold your family’s outerwear. Installed inside the entry or mudroom, they provide a convenient place to quickly stow coats, caps, scarves, backpacks, and purses. Dating from the time when everyone wore hats, these traditional hooks feature a short lower prong (or prongs) for heavier items and a long projecting prong with a rounded tip for lightweight headwear.

Robe and Towel Hooks

Hooks made to hold bath towels and robes typically have a substantial center post and a softer profile. The broad prongs provide better support for such heavy and often wet items. Although they are designed specifically for the bath, these sturdy hooks work just as well for outerwear in the entry or mudroom.

Wardrobe Hooks​​​​​​​

Initially designed for the inside of a free-standing armoire, wardrobe hooks are a handy addition to modern closets.  Mounted to the bottom of a shelf, they add bonus space for belts, scarves, and purses, as well as clothes. Wardrobe hooks are surprisingly useful in the kitchen - screw them to the underside of your cupboards (or the shelf inside) to hold pairs of coffee mugs.

Hall Tree Hooks​​​​​​​

Before homes had coat closets, a hall tree provided a place to hold outerwear near the front door. The hall tree itself could be a free-standing post with hooks projecting on all four sides, or it could be a substantial piece of furniture with a mirror, seat, and umbrella stand built-in. Hooks for the former are front-mounted and tend to be quite narrow, while hooks for the latter were attached from the rear.

Swivel Hooks

If space is a premium, whether inside your closet, a narrow hall, or on the back of a door, a pivoting hook is an innovative solution. Attached to a small back plate, the prong(s) lay flat against the mounting surface until needed, then swivel forward. Some adjustable hooks have multiple arms to maximize your hanging options, while others have a large single-arm, ideal for bulky items. Our solid brass valet hook pivots vertically and will hold five or more items on hangers  - a simple way to increase your closet space!

Plant Hooks

Introduced in the Victorian era, cast iron plant hooks were a popular way to introduce greenery inside your home. The large bracket projects 8 or more inches from the wall, allowing a potted plant to hang freely. Despite their name, these versatile hooks can hold any number of items, from candle lanterns to sea glass floats. Of course, they are ideal for hanging flower baskets outside as well.

Picture Hanging Hooks​​​​​​​

Unlike hooks that are permanently affixed, picture hooks are completely mobile. The curved top fits over a wooden picture rail molding and can slide back and forth. In this way, pictures hung from cord can be easily repositioned without marring the wall surface. Offered in a wide variety of decorative styles, they add a vintage touch to any room.

A row of sturdy three-pronged iron hooks provides plenty of hanging options in this modern mudroom.

Hook Ideas for Every Room

With so many types of hooks to choose from, you will find they have a place in almost every room. Read on to find some useful spots for hooks and other ways to hang things you might not have considered before. Wherever you decide to put them, hooks are a small investment that can dramatically increase the functionality of your home.

The Entry

The scene of frequent comings and goings, the space you enter your home can be difficult to keep organized. Hooks are the answer! Mounted on a rack or hall tree, inside of a mudroom cubby or front door coat closet, sturdy multi-pronged hooks will be appreciated by your whole family everyday. Use them for coats, hats, scarves, backpacks, umbrellas, purses, pet leashes, and keys - the list goes on and on.   

The Kitchen ​​​​​​​

Hooks are an easy solution to common kitchen storage problems. Instead of throwing dish towels over the appliance handles, place small hooks near the sink. Add single hooks to the side of a stove for easy access to oven mitts, pots, and cooking utensils. Inside of cupboards, wardrobe hooks mounted under the shelves are ideal for hanging coffee mugs. In the pantry, extra hooks can hold aprons, braids of garlic, cloth shopping bags, and more.

The Bathroom​​​​​​​ 

Hooks are essential in the bathroom.  While towels and robes are the obvious candidates for hanging, you can also use hooks for washcloths, loofahs, back brushes, shower caddies, or even hairdryers placed away from plumbing fixtures. Consider placing hooks on the back of the door, outside of the shower, just above the tub, and near the sink for easy access to items you use frequently. A helpful hint: avoid using iron hooks in the bathroom as the frequent moisture may cause them to rust.   

The Bedroom​​​​​​​

A hook or two on the back of the bedroom door is surprisingly useful. Hang your bathrobe, pajamas, sweaters, and throws, or any items you want out of the way, but easy to access.

The Closet​​​​​​​

Furnished with a single hanging rod, most closets have plenty of underutilized space. Small hooks mounted to the back of the closet door and along the inside walls are ideal for flat items, such as belts, ties, and scarves. Larger hooks are well suited for hanging purses, tote bags, or other heavier items.

The Back Porch and Garage​​​​​​​

Even if you have a mudroom, it is handy to have a few hooks on the back porch. Keep your pet leash, cap, and outerwear at the ready for walks, gardening, or unexpected weather changes. In the garage, extra hooks are ideal for rugged items such as work jackets, sports equipment, extension cords, and bike helmets.

The Playroom​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Hooks mounted low are a great way to make children’s favorite items easy to access and easy to put away.  Hang everything from dress-up clothes to sports gear, blankets, and jump ropes. You can also use hooks to hang baskets or bags for arts and crafts supplies, stuffed animals, toy cars, action figures, blocks, and more.

This oversized “key” features five small hooks, ideal for holding necklaces in the closet or keys by the door.

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