Protect Your Walls with Decorative Door Stops

Doorstops are one of the hardest working, but least noticed pieces of hardware in your home. They protect your walls, cabinets, and furniture from being damaged by a swinging door, while also preventing your doorknobs from being scratched and dented.

Doorstops can be as stylish as they are functional. You will find a wide range of floor, door, and wall-mounted doorstops, with an array of decorative, traditional, or modern designs. Finishes run the gamut from classic polished brass to satin nickel and bronze, to perfectly coordinate with your door set hardware

Every door needs a doorstop, and depending on its location and swing, you may need a different type of stop for each door in your house. Compare the options below to find just the right style to suit your needs.

Baseboard Mount

This classic style is typically what comes to mind when you hear the term "doorstop." Designed for doors that open fully against a wall, they mount directly to the baseboard molding by a rear-projecting wood screw. Capped with a soft rubber bumper, they typically extend about 3"- 4", enough to keep the doorknob from denting the wall surface. The placement is a few inches above the floor, directly below the knob when the door is fully open.

Old-School Victorian. Turned from wood, they were stained or painted to blend in with the molding
Mid-Century Classic. This streamlined design has been a go-to favorite since the 1950s
Ultra-Modern. This minimalist model is ideal for sleek, contemporary interiors
Traditional Elegance. A shapely and sophisticated profile is well-suited to more traditional interiors

Floor Mount

If your door swings open towards furniture, cabinets, a sink or a tub, a floor-mounted doorstop is a good option. The stop can be mounted a few inches from the wall close to the hinges, preventing the door from striking items in its path. A floor-mounted stop also works when the wall surface (concrete or metal, for example) or lack of molding make a baseboard stop impractical. In this case, locate the floor stop directly below the knob (when the door is in the fully open position) a couple of inches from the wall.

Post Style

Cylindrical in shape, these doorstops mount directly to the floor with a protruding lag bolt or wood screw. They come in a variety of plain and decorative styles, with a rubber ring surrounding the top.

Gooseneck Style

Named for their unique avian profile, gooseneck stops have a short neck bent at 90°. The rubber bumper, or "head", faces directly toward the oncoming door.

Dome Style

This compact style stop is relatively inconspicuous. The dome is cut away, leaving a short lip that slides under the door (check your door's clearance before ordering). The inside of the dome holds a half-round rubber bumper.

Wall Mount

Designed as a companion to your door set, this style of stop is mounted to the wall directly in line with your doorknob. They feature a round, square, or rectangular plate with a rubber bumper mounted in the center. These wall bumpers correspond to our most popular door set styles, offering a range of designs from simple to decorative, and a wide array of finishes. Just like switch plates, wall bumpers add a subtle flourish to any room.

Lancaster door set with matching Lancaster wall mount wall bumper
Rope design bumper
Classic rosette design bumper
Square modern bumper

Hinge Mount

These ingenious doorstops work exclusively with loose-pin hinges. They are ideal for situations where a door opens towards cabinets, furniture, or bath fixtures, rather than a wall. The doorstop is installed by removing the pin from one of the hinges, positioning the stop in line with the hinge barrel, and re-inserting the pin. This type of stop has two bumpers, one facing the door frame and the other facing the door, and they are adjustable, allowing you to specify the distance the door will open.

Solid brass hinge-pin stop with concealed sliding adjustment
Solid brass hinge-pin stop with threaded adjustable arm

Door Holders / Stops

Designed for doors with spring-loaded hinges or hydraulic-action closers, these multi-purpose stops protect your walls and hold your door in an open position at the same time. They are also a good option for doors that tend to blow shut, or just need to stay out of the way most of the time. Review the options below to see what works best in your situation.

Hook & Eye

This rugged and versatile piece of hardware merges a gooseneck doorstop with a "hook & eye" catch. The hook is mounted to the rear of the door and slips into the ring on top of the floor stop.


Shaped like a traditional baseboard doorstop, this version features a powerful magnet in place of a rubber bumper. The concave receiver is mounted on the door, creating a snug fit and tight grip with the magnet. The connection is released with a firm tug on the door.


This unique door holder/stop consists of two parts: a wall-mounted hook and a door-mounted arm. When the pivoting arm butts into the hook, it slides up, then drops down, keeping the door firmly in place. The connection is manually released by lifting the pivoting arm.

Kick-down Door Holds

As the name indicates, these sturdy door holders operate with a quick push from your foot. Ideal for commercial doors with heavy-duty self-closers, they also work in a home setting, keeping your doors in place in drafty or high-traffic environments.

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