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Reimagine Your Bathroom One Step at at Time

20 Stylish Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Bath

A private master retreat, a bustling family washroom, a guest powder room… Most homes contain one or more types of bathrooms. As your family ages and your needs change, you may discover your bathrooms no longer work for you, functionally or aesthetically. Given the key role bathrooms play in our lives, they should be a place you enjoy, day in and day out.

While a complete bathroom remodel may not be in the cards, there are dozens of small ways you can update the look of your space. Whether it’s sparkling crystal cabinet knobs or dazzling deco sconces, the key to your success is knowing all the options. To help in this process, we have put together a checklist of items and ideas that will ensure your bathroom is a beautiful and functional space for you and your family.

The Vanity

The area around your sink is truly the heart of the bathroom. It’s where everything comes together - fixtures, lighting, hardware & accessories - to create a space that must be highly functional as well as beautiful. When reimagining your bathroom, take the time to find items you love that will bring you joy.


While a mirror over the sink may be commonplace, the mirror itself needn’t be. Rather than settle for big-box basics, choose a design that reflects your personal style. Whether you lean toward the highly decorative or simply streamlined, there are options for every taste. If function is a priority, a frameless pivoting mirror is sleek as well as a practical choice. 

Knobs & Pulls

As small as they are, knobs & pulls help define the character of your bathroom. You might opt for sleek or sparkling, rustic or refined, traditional or modern - the options are endless. To help navigate your choices in style, finish, size and material, we’ve created a handy primer on choosing knobs & pulls.

Towel Rings

A towel ring is an essential item near your bathroom or powder room sink. Compact yet stylish, they keep your hand towel tidy and firmly in place.  Most rings are part of a collection, including towel bars and bath hooks, making it simple to create a harmonious look. 

Bath Shelves

Typically mounted above the sink just below the mirror, these narrow glass shelves are ideal for holding toiletries, toothbrushes, cups, and other essential daily items. Made of durable tempered glass, they are light and airy, and easy to maintain. 

Soap Dishes & Toothbrush Holders

A popular feature of early 20th century bathrooms, wall-mounted soap dishes, and toothbrush holders are just as practical today. Conveniently located just above the sink, they free up space and make it easier to clean. Made of durable porcelain or glass, they always look fresh and bright. A win-win situation!

Bath Lighting

Good lighting is the key to a successful bathroom makeover. Place sconces near the mirror to brightly illuminate daily tasks. Use flush-mount ceiling fixtures to provide overall ambient light. And if you have a freestanding tub, install a statement pendant or chandelier to add a touch of luxury.

Lighting specifically designed for the bath is damp or wet-rated to hold up in steamy conditions. Dry-rated fixtures are only suitable for a powder room or large bath where moisture is well contained and sufficiently distanced from the lights.

A final tip - add dimmers! Lowering the light from your overhead fixtures and sconces will create a soothing, spa-like atmosphere, ideal for easing into your morning or relaxing after a long day. 

Wall Lights

Sconces are an essential element of every bathroom. Mounted beside or above the mirror, they provide bright light just where you need it. Given their prominent placement, wall lights are where you can really show your style - traditional, modern, bold or understated - there is no shortage of ways to express your look. 

Flush Mounts

Every bathroom benefits from flush mount lighting. Providing bright and even illumination from above, these compact fixtures also offer a big burst of style. With an endless array of design and finish options, it’s easy to get creative!


A little luxury for the master bathroom, a mini-chandelier takes your space to the next level. Typically located high above a free-standing tub, they create an atmosphere of soothing elegance. (Please note: since most chandeliers are not damp or wet rated, they must be installed where heavy steam is not a factor).

Switch Plates, Switches & Dimmers

Switch plates are the simplest way to add style to your bathroom. With designs ranging from ornate to understated, you can coordinate with your cabinet hardware, your lighting, or the era of your home. When considering lighting, don’t forget dimmers! When considering lighting, don't forget dimmers. While bright lighting is required for many daily tasks, softer illumination is ideal for times of relaxation.

Tub & Shower Accessories

For many people, the best part of the day is an invigorating shower or a soothing soak in the tub. Make it even more enjoyable with a beautiful vintage accessories, well-crafted and positioned towel holders, and caddies to keep everything organized and in place. 

Towel Bars

Bath bars are the optimal way to hang towels for drying between uses. A double bar offers twice the capacity in the same amount of space. Shorter lengths work for a single bath or hand towel, while long lengths will accommodate multiple towels. You’ll find many bath bar collections that have coordinating rings, hooks and toilet paper holders, making it easy to shop and harmonize your design.  

Towel & Robe Hooks

You can never have too many hooks in the bathroom! Mount them near the sink for hand towels, behind the door for robes or bath towels, or even inside the shower for washcloths. Considering the amount of moisture in most bathrooms, solid brass, plated metals, and porcelain are the materials of choice. 

Shower Curtain Rods and Tub Accents

If you have a freestanding tub you wish to enclose as a shower, you’ll need a full surround curtain rod. Made of solid brass in a range of finishes, our sturdy shower rods will do the job in style. If you have a built-in tub or shower, we have a full array of wall or deck-mounted shower caddies to keep your bath products safe and out of the way.  ​​​​​​​

Bathroom Door Hardware

All bathrooms have a door or two leading to the hall, bedroom or linen closet. If the knobs on your doors are tired and worn, or simply a style that isn’t yours, it might be time for a change. Upgrading your door sets and hinges to something you love and that functions well is a sure-fire way to make your doors shine once again!

Door Sets

Perfectly marrying function and design, door sets are one of the most important pieces of hardware in your home. Given their heavy day-to-day use, they should be as durable as they are attractive. In the bathroom, you can coordinate door sets with the style and finish of your cabinet hardware (for example, crystal & nickel) to give your space a beautiful and cohesive look. 

Door Hinges

Worn, rusted, and painted-over hinges can be an eyesore. If restoring them is out of the question, upgrading to new butt hinges will transform the look of your doors. Choose from plain or decorative styles, with finishes to match every type of door set.  


As inconspicuous as they may seem, doorstops are an essential item in the bathroom. Mounted on the floor, baseboard, wall, or hinge pin, they protect your walls, cabinets, and fixtures from damage by a swinging door. See our handy doorstop shopping guide to find just the right solutions for your bathroom.

Additional Bath Hardware Items

While lighting and cabinet hardware tend to take center stage in the bathroom, it’s the unexpected details that make all the difference. From eye-catching shelving to a surprisingly lovely register, create a space that shows your style in every way. 

Toilet Paper Holders

Who knew something so utilitarian could be so stylish? With such frequent use, it’s essential that your toilet paper holder be both attractive and highly functional. Consider location and usage, then look at your options: spring-loaded bars (the most secure), L-shaped (easy to load), and freestanding floor pedestal (when wall mount is not possible). Coordinate with your towel holders and hooks for a completely cohesive look.  


Floor registers may be the last but not the least important design choice you make for your bathroom. Although they live underfoot, their presence can delight the eyes. Upgrade from boring builder styles to something that shows your true design savvy.

Window Hardware

If you have original sash-over-sash (double-hung) windows, you’ll find that the locks and lifts have lost their looks with time. Installing new brass hardware with a gleaming finish will brighten your windows in an instant. If you are going the extra mile and undertaking a complete window restoration, you’ll find pulleys in matching finishes, as well as cord, chain, and weights.  If your bathroom has old-style outswing casement windows, find everything you need to update them here

Shelf Brackets

Open shelving is a great way to add extra storage (think folded towels and bath products) without taking up too much visual space. Far from being utilitarian, shelf brackets can be one of the most distinctive design elements of your bathroom. Brackets can add cottage charm, Victorian elegance, or industrial chic! Choose from brass, iron, and wood, in dozens of styles, sizes, and finishes. 

A well-appointed bath with traditional cabinetry, white marble counters, and polished nickel hardware.  

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