Antique Bed Bolts

Replace old, worn or missing bed bolts with new, solid steel bed frame bolts. We also carry bed bolt wrenches, bed bolt covers and cast iron bed rail bracket sets. Make your old brass bed comfortable, sturdy and safe for years to come.

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Iron Bed Bolt with Square Head

Iron bed bolt measuring 6 1/8-inch in length and 3/8-inch diameter with 16 threads per inch. The bolt head is 1/2-inch square and the nut is 5/8-inch by 5/16-inch thick. Item Number: R-08BM-1361

Solid Brass Bed Bolt Cover

Solid brass bed bolt cover measuring 1 5/8-inch in diameter. Item Number: R-08BM-1360-PB

Solid-Brass Bed Bolt Cover in Antique-By-Hand

With it's intricate flower motif, this traditional cover is a lovely way to hide bed bolt holes. Made of solid brass, it's a fitting choice for new beds, or as a replacement for a damaged or missing piece. Available in our exclusive Antique-By-Hand finish, the surface ages gracefully over time into a beautiful natural patina. Comes with matching screw.

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Bed Bolt Wrench

Black painted steel bed bolt wrench. Item Number: R-08BM-1362

Cast Iron Bed Rail Bracket Set

Cast iron bed rail bracket set. The female brackets measures 5 3/8-inch tall by 1 1/8-inch in width. Item Number: R-08JW-88022