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Arts and Crafts Cabinet Pull - 8-Inch Center-to-Center in Antique-By-Hand

Our Arts and Crafts cabinet pull (8-inch center-to-center) says classic early 20th-century style. The simple and comfortable design is useful on kitchen cabinets, furniture, or even appliances. Made of solid brass and hand-finished with our living antique patina!

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3 1/2-Inch Stamped Brass Cup Drawer Pull In Antique-By-Hand - 3-Inch Center-to-Center

For pure vintage charm, nothing beats this early 20th century 3 1/2-inch bin pull. The half-round shape with dog-eared tabs goes with every style, from Craftsman to Colonial Revival. Reproduced in lightweight, yet durable stamped sheet brass - just like the originals. Hand-finished with our living antique patina.

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Mission Style Pull in Antique-By-Hand - 3-Inch Center to Center

This turn-of-the-century style 3-inch center-to-center pull features a crisp, rectangular bar and flared pyramid bases - hallmarks of the Mission style. The versatile design is useful on furniture and cabinets, and doubles as a sash lift! Reproduced from an antique original in cast brass with our living antique finish.

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Tapered Brass Bin Pull in Antique-By-Hand Finish - 3" Center-to-Center

A crisp, tapered profile makes this handy Tapered Bin Pull (3-Inch Center-to-Center) a great choice for modern interiors with a hint of classic style. Made of solid brass, this durable accent is ideal for vintage furniture, or kitchen and bath cabinets. The hand-applied antique finish is not lacquered and will continue to age gracefully, developing highlights with use.

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Classic Offset Drawer Pull - 3" Center to Center in Antique-By-Hand

This classic offset pull (handle projects at an angle) was a favorite in the early 20th century. The simple and comfortable design is useful on kitchen cabinets, built-ins and even window sashes. Made of solid cast brass, with our living antique patina.

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