Cabinet, Furniture and Kitchen Hardware in Antique-By-Hand® Finish

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Hepplewhite Style Double Post Pull in Antique-By-Hand - 2 1/2" Center-to-Center

This gracious oval pull, with its sunburst motif and delicate beaded border, embodies American Federal style. Our hand-applied antique patina completes the authentic look. It's made of stamped sheet brass with a solid-cast handle and posts.

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Small Chippendale Rosette Pull in Antique-by-Hand - 2 1/2" Center to Center

This stylish Small Chippendale Rosette Bail Pull (2 1/2-Inch Center-to-Center) is so clean lined and modern looking, it's hard to believe the original dates from the 18th century. The rectangular handle is suspended from crisp, octagon rosettes. Made of solid brass, it comes in our exclusive Antique by-Hand - a finish that ages gracefully over time into a beautiful natural patina.

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3 1/16-Inch Stamped Brass Bin Pull In Antique-By-Hand - 2 1/2-Inch Center-to-Center

For pure vintage charm, nothing beats this early 20th century 3 1/16-inch bin pull. The half-round shape with dog-eared tabs goes with every style, from Craftsman to Colonial Revival. Reproduced in lightweight, yet durable stamped sheet brass - just like the originals. Hand-finished with our living antique patina.

Medium Neoclassical Double Post Pull in Antique-by-Hand - 2 1/2" Center-to-Center

Adorn your Federal-style sideboard or dresser with our exclusive, hand-antiqued furniture pull. The stamped brass base is embellished with an elegant draped urn and scalloped border. The handle and loose posts are made of solid-cast brass.

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3" Plain Brass Label Holder In Antique-By-Hand

Our solid brass card holder is a simple, yet stylish way to label the contents of your cabinets and drawers. Easily mounted with the included slotted screws, they're useful throughout your home and office. Hand-finished with our living antique patina.

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