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Make Your Home Office Work for You

With so many of us working remotely full or part-time, a home office is more important than ever. Whether it's converted from a spare bedroom, nestled into a closet, or carved from a corner of your living room, it should be as efficient and appealing as possible. The ideal office environment nurtures both mind and spirit through a combination of furnishings, lighting, hardware, and accessories.

If your workspace fails to inspire, there are dozens of ways to elevate its appeal. A stained-glass desk lamp, decorative drawer pulls, and vintage label holders are just a few quick changes with immediate impact. Take stock of your space, then browse our floor-to-ceiling checklist of easy hardware and lighting updates. Gradually you can transform your at-home office into a place you'll love to be at any time of day.

Flush & Semi-Flush Mounts

Providing bright and even illumination from above, flush, and semi-flush mount lights are the go-to solution for home office lighting. Installed with a dimmer, you can adjust the light level to suit your needs throughout the day. Whether your style leans traditional or modern, you’ll find an endless array of design and finish options to choose from.

Wall & Ceiling Fans

Fans offer so many benefits in the home office. In summer, they keep things cool with a gentle breeze; in winter, they circulate warm air from the ceiling back toward the floor. If you have trouble concentrating, a fan's subtle white noise blocks other distracting sounds. Moreover, many fans feature integrated lights, eliminating the need for a secondary fixture.

Adjustable Wall Lights

Flexible arm sconces are a wonderful addition to your at-home office. These versatile fixtures are adjustable in multiple directions, so you can position the light exactly where you need it, whether it’s your work surface or favorite reading chair. Mounted to the wall they free up desk space, a bonus in tight quarters! 

Switch Plates & Dimmer Switches

Decorative switch plates and outlet covers add a big dash of style to your workspace. With designs ranging from ornate to understated, you can coordinate the look and finish with your door hardware, the lighting in the room, or other accessories.

If your office has overhead lighting, dimmer switches are a must-have. Adjusting the light level throughout the day can create an atmosphere conducive to your mood and work needs.

Decorative door sets add a bid dose of style to your at-home workspace. 

Door Hinges

Are the hinges on the door to your office worn, rusted, or obscured by paint? If restoring them is out of the question, upgrading to new butt hinges will give your doors a fresh new look. Choose from plain or decorative styles, with finishes to match your door set.  

Door Hardware Sets

When updating or creating your home office, don't overlook your doors. Is the existing handle set worn out, poor quality, or a style that doesn't suit you? It may be time for a change! The options are endless, with looks ranging from modern to classic, rustic to refined. If privacy during your workday is paramount, you can upgrade to a vintage mortise lock or modern tubular privacy set.

Door Stops

Hidden away behind the door, the humble doorstop is an essential item in the office.   Mounted on the floor, baseboard, wall, or hinge pin, they protect your walls and furniture from damage by a swinging door. See our handy doorstop shopping guide to find just the right solutions for doors throughout your home.

Vintage label holders with finger pulls are a practical addition to this custom wooden desk. 

Label Holders

A century ago, label holders were indispensable in the workplace. On office doors, they identified the occupant, while inside the office, they identified the contents of wood file cabinets, drawers, and cupboards. Practical and loaded with vintage charm, they are just as useful today. Styles equipped with a finger grip are ideal for desk drawers, while standard label sleeves can be applied to cabinets, shelves, and bins. Add one with your name to the office door for a whimsical touch of nostalgia!

Furniture Knobs & Pulls

If your office furniture could use a facelift, new knobs or pulls are a great way to add a personal touch. Trading out metal for glass, or modern for vintage (and vice versa), can breathe new life into your desk, file drawers, or built-in cabinets. For ideas and help navigating through the many choices, see our handy guide to selecting knobs & pulls.

Desk Lamps

A desk lamp needn't be just a task light - it can also make a statement. Sleek and modern, high Victorian, or completely traditional - let your style shine! Consider a floor lamp adjacent to your workspace if desk space is tight. You can elevate the ambiance by adding lamps throughout your office - on console or end tables, bookshelves, or even atop a file cabinet. Mix and match styles and sizes for a look all your own.

The simple desk below this sunny window is made of reclaimed wood and iron shelf brackets. 

Shelf Brackets

Open shelving is an attractive way to increase storage in your home office. Add a few brackets and some boards, and you've got a place for books, file boxes, and decorative items that bring you joy.

No space for a desk? With shelf brackets and a wood or laminate plank, you can improvise a workspace along a wall or even under a windowsill.


You can never have too many hooks in your home. In the office, a hook or two mounted behind the door is a handy place to keep items you might need throughout the workday - a favorite sweater for when it's chilly, a jacket for quick outdoor breaks, or even a suit coat for video calls. You can tailor the look to your space with dozens of options in size, finish, and style.


They may be located underfoot, but floor registers should not be overlooked. Why settle for boring beige grilles when so many elegant options await? You’ll find styles ranging from Victorian to Mission to Mid-Century, and classic finishes to match your decor. With no installation required, new registers are an easy way to upgrade your space.

Window Hardware

Window hardware takes a beating. Continually exposed to light and moisture, it can lose its looks with time, becoming dull and rusted. Installing new brass hardware with a gleaming finish will brighten your windows in an instant. For double-hung windows, you’ll need sash locks, lifts, and pulleys. If your office has outswing  casement windows, find everything you need to update them here

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