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Belle Fleur 22 3/4" Pendant

Reminiscent of the early Nouveau movement, the Tiffany-inspired Belle Fleur 22 3/4-Inch Pendant is the perfect focal point for any room. Featuring draping lines and touches of red, the shade is hand-assembled with genuine art glass, using the copper foil technique developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

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Tiffany Filigree Pendant-Chandelier in Vintage Bronze

Lacy and graceful as a Victorian parasol, this large art glass pendant is a gracious addition to your dining room, foyer or kitchen. The beguiling design is distinguished by the filigree frame studded with scarlet blossoms and the uniquely bejeweled chain. Lit or not, it's pure magic!

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Art Nouveau Stained Glass Pendant in Vintage Bronze

This airy Art Nouveau pendant is one of the most unusual and exciting lights we've ever come across. The simple cone shade is encircled by a web of arched wires, creating the illusion of a bowl-shaped fixture. Connecting panes of clear, granite glass add to the multi-dimensional effect.

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Glenhaven Table Lamp in Teco Rosa

The Glenhaven table lamp is an unforgettable reproduction of Art Nouveau sensibility. An amber etched glass shade greets the Teco Rossa finish in perfect complement to the array of exquisite detailing.

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Belle Fleur Floor Lamp in Vintage Bronze

The Belle Fleur incites swooning in every victorian sensibility, courtesy of an ornate fleur-de-lis motif in handcrafted art glass. This art nouveau gem is expressed in captivating jewel tones and a vintage bronze finish.

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Lynch Desk Lamp in Russet

Hundreds of stunning glass details went into the creation of the handcrafted Lynch lamp. With jewel accent in the base, graceful beauty is reflected throughout this one-of-a-kind fixture.

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Indus Table Lamp in Vintage Bronze

An arresting contrast between golden neutrals and filigree accent panels makes the Indus a stylish proposition for any interior. Features Tiffany art glass and a Vintage Bronze finish.

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Kami Table Lamp

Tiffany Studio's fabulous stained glass inspired this lovely Victorian-style table lamp. The classic floral pattern shade is hand-crafted from genuine art glass in shades of yellow, orange and cream, accented with amber flowers and green leaves. Set into a delicate, bronze finished framework, the effect is magical.

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King Table Lamp

The classic dragonfly motif catapulted Luis Comfort Tiffany to fame. This perfectly reproduced lamp features a layered brick rim with blue dragonflies on a background of greens, browns, and ambers. With incredible attention to detail, it's hand assembled out of 318 pieces of art glass carried on a 24-inch classic base of vintage bronze.

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West End Table Lamp in Brushed Bullion

This colorful Victorian style West End Table Lamp is sure to be the focal point of your living room or bedroom. The floating shade is fitted with hand-cut art glass in a palette inspired by the flowers and foliage of Indian summer. Warm hues of amber, olive and burgundy, offset with a vintage bronze finish, create a warm and magical light.

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Jungle Dragonfly Table Lamp

The classic dragon fly, which catapulted Luis Comfort Tiffany to fame, comes to life in this impressive table lamp. With incredible attention to detail, it features hand assembled pieces of art glass in green, yellow and red hues. The intricate base, resembling a tree trunk and finished in rich bronze, is anchored with even more dragon flies. This Art Nouveau inspired style adds colorful beauty to any room.

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Weston Table Lamp

With a nod to circa 1900 art nouveau style, the Weston Table Lamp is sure to enliven any space. The floral shade is made up of 282 pieces of art glass using the copper foil technique developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany himself. An unadorned, yet elegant base features a rich bronze finish, showcasing its intricate details.

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