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Mailboxes & Mail Slots: Understanding Your Options

Whether you're looking to increase the security of your mail, or want to elevate your home's curb appeal, vintage-inspired mailboxes make for a lasting impression. With three basic types to choose from, how do you know which is right for you? This guide to old-fashioned style mailboxes will provide all the information you need to pick the ideal solution for your home.

Post-Mount Mail Boxes

Post-mount (also known as "curbside") mailboxes are designed to be placed away from your home along the road, allowing the postal carrier to drop off mail without ever having to leave their vehicle. With a curbside mailbox, the flag is raised to indicate outgoing mail and lowered by the mail carrier when picked up. There are typically three scenarios in which a homeowner might choose this option:

  • In some neighborhoods, mail is only delivered by vehicle and thus a post-mount box is required.
  • If your house is far from the road, a post-mount mailbox may be necessary.
  • If you simply prefer not to have a postman on your premises every day, whether due dogs, locked gates, or other privacy reasons, a post-mount box may be just the thing for you.
Berkshire curbside mailbox in matte black
Classic curbside mailbox on custom wood post

These front-opening boxes are quite roomy and can hold a generous amount of mail and magazines. They can be attached to a fence post, a freestanding wood post, or even a stone, brick or concrete pier. For a more coordinated look, you can order your mailbox with a matching finish metal post

Made of durable aluminum, our post-mount mailboxes are designed to be weathertight and reliable. They come in a variety of classic and decorative designs, and popular metal finishes like bronze, copper, silver and black. With so many installation, finishes and style options, post-mount boxes are a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home.


Kingston curbside mailbox in matte black
Hummingbird mail box with painted finish
Savannah curbside mailbox in antique brass

Wall-Mount Mail Boxes

Wall-mounted mailboxes are typically attached to the wall adjacent to your front door, or on any vertical surface, such as a porch column or fence. Wall-mounted mailboxes are most common in walkable urban neighborhoods where mail is delivered on foot. This is a good option if security is a concern, as mailboxes anchored directly to the home are at less risk of mail theft or vandalism than curbside boxes.

Sunburst mail box with magazine rack
Solid brass Craftsman style mailbox with art glass inserts

Our vintage style wall-mount boxes are ideal for mail and magazines thanks to their large size, which is an improvement over small antique boxes designed primarily for letters. Most are top-opening and some include a detachable magazine rack — perfect for holding newspapers and large-format publications. In addition, the convenience a wall-mount mailbox offers can't be overlooked: you can collect your mail without ever leaving your front porch.

A wall-mounted mailbox offers many options. You can choose a vertical or horizontal alignment; copper, steel, or aluminum material; traditional or modern designs; and of course, a wide variety of finishes. There's something for every taste and every style of home.


Victorian mailbox in Swedish silver finish
Paul Revere locking wall-mount mailbox
Enamelled steel Arts & Crafts style mailbox

Mail Slots

Mail slots are also common in neighborhoods where mail is delivered on foot. These understated mail receivers mount directly to the door or the adjacent wall. Antique-style mail slots offer excellent security and convenience, as the mail is delivered directly into your home. Gone are the days of wondering whether the mail came or not! There is also no limit to the amount of mail that can pass through — ideal for when you're on vacation.

There are some trade-offs to this level of convenience. The flaps can be opened from the outside, which may create privacy and security concerns, and in less temperate climates, they may allow cold air to penetrate your foyer.

Classic brass mail slot mounted to door
Satin-nickel mail slot mounted directly to wall

In terms of mail slot size, there are two options: magazine (wide enough for most publications and legal envelops to pass through unfolded) and letter.

There are also two options when it comes to the inner plate — choose from a open or closed flap. The closed-flap option is more weathertight and offers slightly more privacy. On the other hand, an open-flap slot allows mail to sail through without the potential of catching on the inner flap. If you do go with the later, be sure to purchase a mail slot liner, as the cutout in the door will be visible. Liners provide a smooth, finished appearance, and the stainless steel can be painted to match the door or left as is.


Traditional brass mail slot
Cast brass Arts & Crafts mail slot
Neo-classical style mail slot in iron

Final note: If you are relocating your mailbox elsewhere on your property, you'll need to consult with your postal service to get approval, either through your local post office or your mail carrier. Be sure to review the postal service mailbox guidelines before installing your new vintage-style mailbox.

Browse our full selection of authentic vintage mailboxes and mail slots to find the best solution to your specific needs. If you have questions, reach out to our specialists today — we're here to help!

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