5" Heavy-Duty Doorknob Swivel Spindle - Tapped 10-24

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Item #: R-01P-45HD-TP


This heavy-duty spindle is designed to facilitate new or vintage doorknobs with non-threaded shanks. Used with privacy latches and mortise locks, its hardened steel construction provides smooth operation and long-lasting wear. At 5" in length, it's ideal for thicker doors. Features a 3/8" thickness, and tapped for 10-24 set screws.

Dimensions: 5" L x 3/8" thick. Tapped for 10-24 set screws.

Hardware Tip

Some antique doorknobs are not threaded to screw onto the spindle but are attached using set screws that thread directly into the spindle.
WARNING: California Proposition 65
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