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Antique Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are ideal lighting solutions for brightening hallways, dining rooms, bathrooms and other living areas. Attractive and highly functional, our antique wall sconce lighting selection represents all the major period home styles. Refine your selection by choosing a style below.

Wall Sconce Lighting

Underscore Single Sconce In Cimarron Bronze (item #RS-03ML-N6961-267B)

Underscore Single Sconce In Cimarron Bronze

This large torch-style sconce is a dynamic blend of Arts & Crafts, Art Deco and Mid-Century design influences. The silhouette is bold and geometric, yet softened with caramel silk glass and a distressed Cimarron bronze finish.

Pawling 1-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03HV-7211X)

Pawling 1-Light Wall Sconce

The Pawling collection combines flowing designs with smooth accents, creating vintage-inspired, contemporary style. Looping metal scrollwork adorns the backplate of this sconce, while a faux-silk drum shade completes the ensemble. A memorable fashion statement, it's a fitting solution for your accent or task lighting requirements. Choose from three classic finishes.

3 Finishes 3 Finishes

Dayton 1-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03HV-981-WSX)

Dayton 1-Light Wall Sconce

A masterpiece of modern design, the Dayton 1-Light Wall Sconce is perfectly proportioned and exquisitely detailed. The clear crystal shafts are counterbalanced with solid brass arms and fittings for a look that is light, yet commanding. Tapered white fabric shades add a softly tailored touch. Choose from mellow aged brass or brilliant polished nickel.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Garrison 1-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03HV-1421X)

Garrison 1-Light Wall Sconce

The Garrison wall sconce brings a lighthearted, yet tailored quality to both traditional and modern homes. Its flowery backplate, matching crystal bobeche, and off white faux-silk drum shade come together to create a crisp, clean look, suitable for your entry, hall, or bedroom.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Scala 1-Light Sconce in Polished Nickel (item #RS-03SM-1835)

Scala 1-Light Sconce in Polished Nickel

With its iconic hexagon shape, futuristic design, and polished nickel finish, the Scala sconce brings a bold look to your décor. Designed in the spirit of sky-scraper deco, it features a stepped bracket, an opal etched-glass shade, and a gleaming back plate. Display this lovely fixture in your bedroom, entryway, or powder room.

Collins Wall Sconce (item #RS-03HV-2910X)

Collins Wall Sconce

The Collins sconce is as tightly tailored as a bespoke suit. The solid brass frame is accented with coco wood, stained dark for added drama. In contrast, the candle shaft is clear glass, run through with white cloth cord. A faux silk barrel shade, trimmed top and bottom with a jet black pinstripe, adds the perfect finishing touch!

Pineapple Sconce In Copper Bronze (item #RS-03HK-2226CB)

Pineapple Sconce In Copper Bronze

Since colonial times, the pineapple has symbolized southern hospitality. The Pineapple lighting series captures this gracious theme in solid brass and hand-blown optic glass. In this single sconce a dazzling pineapple is mounted to a beautifully detailed canopy - what an elegant lighting solution for your entry or bath!

Orleans 2-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03CU-5350)

Orleans 2-Light Wall Sconce

Bring old-world style to your decor with the handcrafted Orleans wall sconce. It's wrought-iron frame is accented with a hand-rubbed bronze finish, gilt acanthus leaves, and dripping candle sleeves. This French-themed fixture gives any room a sophisticated edge.

La-Grange 1-Light Wall Sconce in Old Bronze (item #RS-03TL-BCD9010X)

La-Grange 1-Light Wall Sconce in Old Bronze

Crafted with hand-forged iron and featuring an Old-Bronze finish, the La-Grange 1-Light Wall Sconce has timeless Colonial appeal. For use indoors or out.

Maria Theresa Wall Sconce With Clear Crystals In Chrome (item #RS-03CR-4433X)

Maria Theresa Wall Sconce With Clear Crystals In Chrome

This traditional Maria Theresa sconce is a perennial favorite. Draped with dozens of hand cut crystals, it sparkles and shines with three candle lights. The clear crystal carriage is laced with brass, which is finished in polished chrome. More than 20-inch high, it makes a substantial statement in your living room, dining room, foyer or bedroom!

Embarcadero 2-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03TL-B4152X)

Embarcadero 2-Light Wall Sconce

With a rich nautical presence and industrial-style details, the Embarcadero 2-Light Wall Sconce provides a welcoming glow to any decor. This rustic sconce is made from hand worked, wrought iron, and features a rich ship-yard bronze finish. Perched upon a horizontal ring wrapped in antique-manila rope, it lights the way with thick, pressed glass shades - inspired by the vintage insulators of the mid-1800's.

Zaragoza 1 Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03ML-N2235-355)

Zaragoza 1 Light Wall Sconce

Named for a city in Spain with ancient roots, the Zaragoza 1-light wall sconce has a distinctly Spanish feel. The fixture’s elongated frame shows wrought iron’s ability to be shaped into a graceful form. Classical accents add a golden touch while a Scavo™ glass shade creates a warm glow. An ideal light for a Mediterranean-style home, or where rustic Old World flair is desired.

Storyboard Flush Wall Sconce With Etched Glass Shade (item #RS-03ML-N2921-77)

Storyboard Flush Wall Sconce With Etched Glass Shade

The Storyboard Collection evokes the glamour of 1930s Hollywood or Miami. With a gleaming chrome finish and dashing streamline style, this sconce is stunning to say the least!

Continental Classic 2-Light Sconce with Polished-Nickel Finish (item #RS-03ML-N2642-613)

Continental Classic 2-Light Sconce with Polished-Nickel Finish

Art Deco meets Classical-Revival in the Continental Classic 2-Light Wall Sconce. This dynamic design pairs crisp, geometric shapes with traditional candle arms and white pleated shades for a style that is formal, yet forward looking. Crafted from durable steel with a gleaming nickel finish.

Conduit 2-Light Wall Sconce with Hardback Shade (item #RS-03TL-B3811X)

Conduit 2-Light Wall Sconce with Hardback Shade

The Conduit wall sconce brings a touch of industrial style to any space. Constructed of hand worked iron, it features a hardback shade and a stamped back plate, lending an authentic look. Finished in old silver, this handsome design is suited for entryways, hallways, and bedrooms.

Rope & Tassel Single Sconce In French Gold (item #RS-03ML-N681A)

Rope & Tassel Single Sconce In French Gold

This elegant neo-classical Rope and Tassel Single Sconce is designed as an artfully draped silk rope, complete with dangling tassels. Delicate, yet substantial in scale, it strikes the perfect balance. Made of solid brass with a lustrous French-gold finish.

Sanguesa 1 Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03ML-N6075-194)

Sanguesa 1 Light Wall Sconce

Old World opulence meets classical restraint in the Sanguesa 1-light wall sconce. Named after a historic city in Spain, this fixture has a rich, layered look created by a blend of dramatic colored glass, textured details and gold leaf highlights. The elongated profile gives it a slightly formal quality. Suited to Mediterranean-style environments.

Palmer 2-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03HV-302X)

Palmer 2-Light Wall Sconce

A fixture with clean lines and a uniform look, the Palmer 2-light wall sconce reflects both Industrial- and Colonial-style influences. This versatile light works in traditional and modern spaces and has a slightly contemporary feel.

3 Finishes 3 Finishes

Charlotte Wall Sconce With White Fabric Shade (item #RS-03HV-1411-WSX)

Charlotte Wall Sconce With White Fabric Shade

Crisply detailed and beautifully crafted, the Charlotte sconce is a stately addition to any room. Based on Colonial Revival designs from the early 20th century, it also reveals a hint of Arts & Crafts influence - most notably the hexagon canopy and candle cup. Dress it up with the white fabric shade or remove if for a more pared down profile.

Palmdale 1-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03HV-1121X)

Palmdale 1-Light Wall Sconce

With its classic sense of proportion and elegant details, the Palmdale Wall Sconce embodies the beauty of Deco glamour. Finely reeded accents complement the stepped back plate, while a hard back shade, bell finial, and beveled curves add gentle refinement to its overall composition.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Yates 1-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03HV-1881X)

Yates 1-Light Wall Sconce

Crisply detailed and beautifully crafted, the Yates sconce is a luxurious addition to any room. Its crystal circular backplate is etched in the pattern of intersecting circles, and the slender column is dressed in your choice of an aged brass or polished-nickel finish. The white faux-silk shade lends a softly tailored touch, but may be removed for a more bold look.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Salina 1-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03HV-5221X)

Salina 1-Light Wall Sconce

In the tradition of 1930s streamline classicism, the Salina sconce marries Federal-style formality with a modern outlook. This dynamic design is a beautiful mix of a piano-black lacquer handle and the finely detailed curves of its cast candle holder. The cream gathered-silk shade creates a soft, warm light, but may be removed for an even bolder look!

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Jasper 2-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03HV-1862X)

Jasper 2-Light Wall Sconce

The Jasper 2-light wall sconce is a Colonial-inspired light with a hint of Art Nouveau – note the flower-like bobeches and candlecups. Its unique style might be found in a 19th century Parisian townhouse or an elegant bistro.

3 Finishes 3 Finishes

Lapeer 1-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03HV-1291X)

Lapeer 1-Light Wall Sconce

Crisp details and traditional influences, make the Lapeer Collection an elegant addition to any room. A pleated shade of fine silk, crystal bobeche, and mirrored crystal-cut back plate combine to create this lovely sconce. Available in your choice of two classic finishes.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Sylvan 1-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03CU-5213)

Sylvan 1-Light Wall Sconce

The Sylvan Wall Sconce is a fresh take on a classic design. Embossed with horizontal ribbing, its vintage-inspired glass shade is the perfect complement to the sleek, polished-nickel base. This contemporary accent is ideal for your entry, hall, or bath.

Treetop 2-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03CU-5307)

Treetop 2-Light Wall Sconce

Bring a touch of woodland to your home with the Treetop wall sconce. This rustic, yet refined fixture features a wrought-iron frame, an old-iron finish, and cream candle covers. Its simplified and realistic form is detailed, yet minimally finished, allowing the beauty of this nature-inspired piece to truly shine.

La-Brea 3-Light Wall Sconce in French Iron (item #RS-03TL-B2483X)

La-Brea 3-Light Wall Sconce in French Iron

The La Brea 3-Light Wall Sconce features an array sconces that add medieval flair to your decor. This simple design is hand-crafted in wrought iron, coated with a rustic French-iron finish, and topped with tapered, hardback shades. At 30-inches in height, this it is suited for framing a large fireplace or painting, or for lighting up a foyer or gallery.

Barnum 6 Light Led Wall Sconce (item #RS-03SHL-9-2602-6-322)

Barnum 6 Light Led Wall Sconce

Reflecting the influence of renowned Italian lighting designer Gaetano Sciolari, the Barnum 6-light wall sconce expresses 70s-era glamour. A sculptural silhouette is combined with small rounded Led bulbs, providing the perfect quality of light. This sophisticated fixture makes a high-style statement, and its versatile size works well in living rooms, bedrooms and hallways.

Devon 2-Light Wall Sconce (item #RS-03SHL-9-7141-2X)

Devon 2-Light Wall Sconce

The Devon Collection adds modern style to a traditional foundation. This wall sconce features handsomely structured stems, plain back plate, and hardback half shades. It is a pleasing accent for your entry, dining room, or bedroom.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Faulkner 1-Light Wall Sconce in Bronze (item #RS-03TL-B2902X)

Faulkner 1-Light Wall Sconce in Bronze

This sleek, torch-like Faulkner 1-Light Wall Sconce is a pleasing addition to any decor. This angled design is hand-forged in iron giving it a rough, textured surface and finished in a rich Pompeii-bronze. A contrasting cream, hardback-linen shade and faux wood-grain candle cover complete this enchanting ensemble.

Results 211-240 of 52112345678910
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