Lutron 3-Way Rocker Style Dimmer - 600 Watt in Ivory

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Item #: Q-010PE-DV-603P-IV


Designed for 3-Way operation, this Lutron rocker style dimmer adjusts the light level of a fixture operated from two locations. A standard paddle controls the On/Off function, while an inconspicuous slider controls the brightness. Rated for residential use at 600W, 60HZ and 120VAC. UL Listed and CSA certified.

To mount this dimmer side by side the front tabs are snapped off, which decreases the power rating. If mounted side by side with one other dimmer the wattage will be 500W, and when mounted between two other dimmers the wattage will be 400W. Instructions are included. (DO NOT USE ON FLUORESCENT FIXTURES OR FANS).

Hardware Tip

There can only be 1 dimmer in a 3-way circuit. So, you would use a 3-way dimmer with a regular 3-way switch for a complete circuit, or use one 3-way switch, one 4-way switch and one 3-way dimmer.
WARNING: California Proposition 65
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