Picture Rail Hooks & Picture Hanging Hooks

Picture rail hooks are used to hang art and photos from picture rail moldings. Simply attach the picture hook to the top of the picture rail using picture hanging cord to attach your artwork to the bottom of the hook. Use heavy duty hooks for larger art items.

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Large Regency Picture Hook

Reproduced from a circa 1850 English antique, our Large Regency Picture Hook is exquisite. Slightly oversized and made of heavy stamped brass, it is a must-have for Classical or Victorian interiors.

Heavy Duty Picture Rail Hook

This cast brass picture rail hook is made extra thick to support your heavier hanging items. The prominent button is not only eye-catching, it holds the wire firmly in place. The simple design and 8 great finish options make this a popular choice for any style of home.

Plain Tapered Picture Rail Hook

Utterly plain, yet stylishly shaped, this tapered picture rail hook works with every type of décor. It's made of solid brass that is pressure formed for strength. Choose from 8 popular period and modern finishes.

Art-Nouveau Picture Rail Hook

This delightful Art-Nouveau Picture Rail Hook was reproduced from a circa 1900 English original. The unusual pattern may be a feather, a curling leaf, or insect wings - we're not sure which. Regardless, the effect is lovely. Finely cast in solid brass, this hook is strong enough for large or heavy items.

Cast-Brass Bird Picture Rail Hook

Taking the form of a sparrow in flight, this charming picture rail hook was reproduced from an 1880s original. In this unique design, the bird rotates to the right, allowing you to hang cord on the hook concealed below. Made of cast bass, it is quite sturdy and well suited to larger or heavier items. Choose from unlacquered brass, which will age naturally, or bright lacquered brass.

Ivy Pattern Picture Rail Hook

Add an elegant flourish to your decor with the lovely 1870's-style Ivy Pattern Picture Rail Hook. The graceful, tapered design is reproduced in solid brass, which is pressure formed for added strength. Choose from a host of popular finish options.

Cast Brass Picture Rail Hook

Though it dates from the 1880s, this stylish hook has a clean and modern appeal. The crisp design - based on an inverted C - is suited to classic, craftsman or contemporary interiors. Cast from solid brass, this sturdy hook is ideal for large or heavy items!

Plated-Steel Picture Rail Hook

This simple Plated-Steel Picture Rail Hook is an economical way to hang your pictures in true, period style. The steel is pressure-formed for added strength. Choose from an array of popular finish options.

Solid-Brass Snakehead Picture Rail Hook

The Snakehead Picture Rail Hook is a charming addition to any decor. Made of solid brass, it features detailed scales at one end and a smooth, flared surface at the other. Despite its petite stature, it is very strong and an ideal choice for heavier items. Choose from four classic finish options.

Plated Steel Rod Picture Rail Hook

Despite its slight appearance, this simple Plated Picture Rail Hook is extremely strong. Made of flattened steel rod, it is a great choice for galleries or anywhere a large quantity of hooks are required.

Scrolling Vine Picture Moulding Hook

Swirling vines cascade over the top of our delightful Scrolling vine Picture Moulding Hook. The late Victorian design is reproduced in solid-brass and pressure formed for added strength. Choose from and array of fabulous finish options.

Ivy Pattern Ribbon-Style Picture Rail Hook

This sweetly printed Ivy Pattern Ribbon-Style Picture Rail Hook is as pretty as a snippet of grosgrain ribbon. Its subtle bands of ivy add a lightly decorative touch to any room. Reproduced in solid brass from a Victorian original, it comes in an array of classic finish options.

Adams Stamped Brass Picture Rail Hook

A House of Antique Hardware exclusive, this charming picture rail hook is an authentic reproduction based on an original that dates back to the turn-of-the-20th century. Decorative motifs – including bead-and-reel, ribbon-and-bow, and a gently swaged flower garland – echo the neoclassical British Adam style. And since it’s made from solid brass, this hook is sturdy as well as pretty. Available in darker and lighter finishes.

Ornate Floral Pattern Picture Rail Hook

The design of our Ornate Floral-Pattern Rail Hook dates to the late-Victorian era. Made of thick, solid-brass, this hook is a great choice for hanging your heavier pieces.