Vintage Bathroom Mirrors

Available in a number of timeless styles, our mirror selection includes vanity countertop, extension or wall-mounted. Both decorative and functional, the right mirror adds a classic touch to any bathroom. Find the right mirror for your project here.

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Abalone Wall-Mount Decorative Mirror

The Abalone Decorative Wall-Mount Mirror is striking presence wherever is resides. Hundreds of iridescent shells adorn the frame giving it a luxurious appeal. This elegant design is a great way to reflect light, open up a space, and enhance your decor!

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Carrigan Rectangular Frameless Wall-Mount Mirror

The Carrigan Rectangular Frameless Wall-Mount Mirror lends stylish reflection to a variety of interiors. This classic design features a geometric profile and beveled edges. It is sure to brighten any space, whether the dining room, foyer, or bath.

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