Vintage Bathroom Mirrors

Available in a number of timeless styles, our mirror selection includes vanity countertop, extension or wall-mounted. Both decorative and functional, the right mirror adds a classic touch to any bathroom. Find the right mirror for your project here.

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Oyster Shell Square Mirror

With real oyster shells embellishing its diminutive square frame, the Oyster Shell Mirror brings the ocean to any setting. Lovely and versatile, you can display it on its own, in groups, or use it as a tray. What a fashionable way to brighten any space, whether the dining room, foyer, or bath.

Beachhead Rectangular Mirror

The Beachwood Square Mirror brings outdoor flair into your home. Beautifully crafted in natural driftwood, it evokes an earthy tone and feel. Use this handsome design to brighten and energize a room, open up a space, or enhance your decor.

Tisbury Wall-Mount Mirror

The Tisbury Wall-Mount Mirror brings a layer of texture to your decor while fitting in with almost any color scheme. This natural-colored design is formed from multiple layers of abaca rope. A nautical piece, it feels right at home in sea-inspired interiors.

Abalone Wall-Mount Decorative Mirror

The Abalone Decorative Wall-Mount Mirror is striking presence wherever is resides. Hundreds of iridescent shells adorn the frame giving it a luxurious appeal. This elegant design is a great way to reflect light, open up a space, and enhance your decor!

Margate Wall-Mount Mirror

Luxury by the seaside is at the heart and soul of the Margate Wall-Mount Mirror. Natural oyster shells adorn its appealing contemporary gold-leaf finished frame, bringing sophistication to any coastal-inspired interior. What a fashionable way to brighten any space, whether the dining room, foyer, or bath.