Barrel Key & Clock Keys

Lost the key to your antique clock or cabinet door? Try one of our decorative and fully functional barrel keys or clock keys. Suitable for cabinets, furniture drawers, desks and armoirs, these standard keys will open many old locks.

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Solid Brass Fancy Decorative 5 Hook Key Rack

Solid Brass Fancy Decorative 5 Hook Key Rack.Item Number: R-06HU-PBH-12X

Large Solid Brass Barrel Key with Decorative Bow

With its intricately detailed bow and solid-brass construction, this skeleton key is suited for a variety of uses - from fun to functional. Replace a broken or missing furniture key, repurpose for a decorative project, or delight wedding and party guests with their own keepsake to take home. For furniture or cabinet applications, operability can only be determined by testing, therefore we recommend purchasing an assortment of keys at one time.