Furniture & Cabinet Bail Pulls

Complete your furniture renovation project with authentically reproduced bail pulls. Our solid brass bail pulls and bail pull drawer handles are available in a wide variety of historically accurate patterns and finishes.

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Smooth Bail Pull with Sunburst Rosettes - 5 1/2" Center-to-Center

Our Smooth Bail Pull with Sunburst Rosettes brings a vibrant presence to drawers and furniture alike. Every detail is showcased in a solid-brass frame thanks to investment casting—a method that the world's finest jewelers use to create their most elaborate pieces. Handmade by skilled artisans, every piece is rich in design, giving each its own unique personality. Choose from an array of luxurious finishes.

Daisy Bail Pull - 3 11/16" Center-to-Center

For a charming addition to a small dresser or night stand, this pull fits the bill with dainty daisy rosettes. Made in Italy and precision cast in brass, this accessory comes in a dark antique-brass finish.

Tuscany Drop Pull - 8 13/16" Center-to-Center

Suited for more formal interiors, our Tuscany Drop Pull (8 13/16-Inch Center-to-Center) features traditional styling and a thoughtfully placed reeded pattern. Made of solid brass, it comes in an array of popular finishes, making it easy to match any decor.

Scroll Design Bail Pull - 4 1/4" Center-to-Center

This intricate, Rococo-style bail pull brings a touch of class to larger cabinets and furniture. Precision cast, its flowing leafy motif is showcased in intricate detail. Made in Italy.

Colonial Chippendale Brass Bail Pull - 2-Inch Center-to-Center

This fine reproduction of a late 18th century Chippendale-style 2-inch center-to-center pull is a beautiful enhancement for drawers and cabinets alike. Cut from sheets of solid brass, it’s ideal for new furniture, or as a replacement for a worn or damaged piece. It features a smooth, elegant handle for a pleasant feel, and the sturdy back plate will stand up to years of repeated use. Choose from an unlacquered or antique-brass finish.

Victorian Style Single Post Pull - 2 3/4" Width

Elegant Victorian style is embodied in this exquisite oval drawer pull. The finely detailed floral and rope motif is captured in traditional stamped sheet brass. Mounted at center.

Scroll Design Bail Pull - 3 7/16" Center-to-Center

Dress up your cabinets or furniture with this top quality Baroque pull. This Victorian style bail pull is precision cast in Italy and comes with a warm antique finish.

Shield Pattern Single-Post Bail Pull - 2 1/4" Width

Elegant classical style is embodied in this exquisite drawer pull. The finely detailed floral and rope motif is captured in traditional stamped sheet brass.

Tuscany Cabinet Bail Pull - 8 13/16" Center-to-Center

The Tuscany Bail Pull (8 7/8-Inch Center-to-Center) brings a hint of Italian style to your cabinets and furniture. Its understated, yet detailed design and ringed back plates complement cabinets and furniture alike. An array of popular finish options makes it easy to match your decor.