Speakeasy Door Grilles and Door Viewers

Upgrade your entry door with a speakeasy window and grille, or a traditional peephole viewer. Add old-world charm to an office, library, wine cellar, or any door in your home with a speakeasy grille. Door viewers are both functional and minimal, making them ideal for any home.

2 Products

Textured Cast Aluminum Raised Door Grill

With its sturdy hand-crafted look, this cast aluminum door grill will add Old World depth and dimension to front doors while protecting viewer windows and peepholes. Well-suited to Gothic, Tudor and Spanish Revival style homes, or any entry where a touch of medieval flair is desired.

200 Degrees Wide Angle Door Viewer

Install this high-quality door viewer and feel safe and secure when somebody knocks. Clear glass combined with a wide-range view means you see more and see better. Multiple finishes make it easy to match your door and door hardware.