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We've got decades of experience in the business, and have collected the most common questions here. If you have any questions we haven't answered, feel free to contact us via phone or email.
DOOR HARDWARE - Determining the Backset
What is the "backset" and how do I know which I have? 
DOOR HARDWARE - Door Bolts - Usage
How are door bolts used?
DOOR HARDWARE - Door Knockers - Mounting
How are door knockers mounted?
DOOR HARDWARE - Door Sets - Economy Line VS Others
What is the difference between your economy line door sets and the more expensive ones?
DOOR HARDWARE - Handing for Door Sets and Hinges
How do I determine the handing for my door set or hinge?
DOOR HARDWARE - Door Stops - Projection
Does the projection of a door stop include the screw?
DOOR HARDWARE - Doorbells - Mounting
How are the mechanical doorbells mounted?
DOOR HARDWARE - Economy Line Door Set Finishes
Can I get the economy line door sets in any other finishes besides brass?
DOOR HARDWARE - Fitting Door Knobs And Back Plates Together
How do I know what door knobs will work with a particular rosette or door plate?
DOOR HARDWARE - Hinges - Loose Pin VS Removable Pin
What is the difference between loose pin and removable pin hinges?
DOOR HARDWARE - How to Select an Interior Doorset
Learn how to find the right doorset for your type of door and application.
DOOR HARDWARE - Kick Plate Sizes - Special Orders
Do you have other sizes of kick plates other than the sizes listed on your website?
DOOR HARDWARE - Kick Plates - Mounting Options
Which mounting option do I choose for kick plates?
DOOR HARDWARE - Doorsets - Function
How do I determine which function I need for my door set?
DOOR HARDWARE - Mortise Lock Handing - Left Or Right?
Do your mortise locks come in right and left handed versions?
Results 16-30 of 6412345