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The world of vintage hardware and antique restoration is resplendant with confusing terminology. Fill yourself in on the important terms and concepts here.
Dummy Set:
Door knob or lever trim that is surface mounted to a door and does not operate a latch.
Duplex Switch Plate:
Metal cover plate which has two cutouts aligned vertically to cover a duplex receptacle which is a standard electrical outlet.
Dust Corners:
Small decorative accents for stairways which keep the dust out of the corners.
Edge Pull:
Retractable handle which mounts flush on the edge of a pocket door to allow the door to be pulled out of the wall pocket.
Edison Bulb:
A low wattage carbon filament light bulb that emits a soft glow and is ideal for antique light fixtures. These are long life bulbs that can be installed pointing up or down.
Entry Handle:
A door handle usually mounted on a large back plate which is used for dummy doors or doors that do not latch.
Entry Mortise Lock:
A large mortise lock that is operated by knobs, levers or thumb latches and has either a modern keyed cylinder or a skeleton key operated deadbolt.
Another word for a door plate, rosette or keyhole cover.
A cremone bolt used for french or casement windows.
The plate on the front of a lock or latch which is visible on the edge of a door.
Decorative tip on the top and bottom of a hinge knuckle or other hardware. Most common are ball and steeple finials but many different types exist.
The surface appearance of a piece of metal hardware which is achieved through various chemical and mechanical means.
The lip-shaped part of the shade that is inserted into the fixture's shade holder and held in place by set screws.
Floor Grate:
A metal piece, usually cast brass or cast iron, used to cover and decorate vent holes for return air ducts.
Floor Register:
A floor grate that has a louver for adjusting airflow.
Results 31-45 of 130123456789