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The world of vintage hardware and antique restoration is resplendant with confusing terminology. Fill yourself in on the important terms and concepts here.
Rim Keeper:
The metal plate which is attached to the door jamb to hold the latch and/or dead bolt of a rim lock keeping the door latched and/or locked.
Rim Lock:
A box type door lock which is mounted to the surface of a door typically used for thin doors.
Rim Strike:
For casement windows that open in, a rim strike is used when the sash is offset from the window frame.
A small door knob escutcheon usually round with a hole in the middle into which the door knob shank fits. A rosette fits on the door between the knob and the door to cover the bore hole and provide a metal surface for the door knob to rotate on when turned.
The frame that holds the glass panes in a window.
Sash Cord/Chain:
Chain or cord which attaches to a sash window and a weight and runs over a pulley mounted in the side of the window frame.
Sash Lift:
A piece of hardware mounted to a window sash to allow it to be raised. There are different types including finger lifts, bar handles and flush lifts.
Sash Lock:
A turn lock that mounts to the top of the bottom sash and locks into the catch which is attached to the bottom of the top sash to prevent the window from being opened.
Sash Pulley:
Used in conjunction with sash cord and weights to allow double or single hung windows to stay open.
Sash Stay:
Piece of metal hardware which attaches to the window sash and allows the window to be held open in various positions.
A wall mounted fixture typically used as accent lighting in living, dining, or bedrooms, as primary lighting in bathrooms, or on a porch. 
Screen Door:
Wooden door usually between 7/8” and 1 5/8” thick that has a screen or glass pane.
Screen Door Hinge:
A surface mounted hinge with spring tension to make the door swing shut.
Shade Holder
The part of a fixture into which the "fitter" of the glass shades is inserted and held in place by 3 or 4 set screws.
Shutter Dog:
A piece of hardware that rotates to hold a window shutter open on the exterior of a building, also called a tie back.
Results 91-105 of 130123456789