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The cylindrical middle portion of a hinge where the two leaves come together and which holds the hinge pin.
A surface coating which is used to protect the finish of a metal from oxidizing.
Latch Bolt:
The “tongue” piece of a lock or latch which holds the door closed when the door knob is released.
Lift Off Hinge:
A hinge which has two knuckles and the pin is connected to one of the leaves. The hinge is easily separated by lifting the leaf connected to the top knuckle allowing the door to be lifted off in one step.
Living Finish:
A finish that is not lacquered and intended to change over time such as Oil Rubbed Bronze.
Loose Pin:
Refers to hinges which have one finial attached to the hinge pin which can be pulled out easily to separate the two leaves of the hinge.
A piece of hardware that consists of a row of slats which are operated by a lever or a screw adjustment and which is used to control airflow through an air vent. The louver is also called a damper and attaches to the underside of a floor grate.
Mansard Roof:
A four-sided roof having a double slope on all sides, with the lower slope much steeper than the upper.
Mail Slot Sleeve:
A metal insert used on hollow core doors when installing a mail slot.
Mortise Lock:
Old style box lock that is installed into a deep pocket or “mortise” in the edge of the door. Generally, the mortise lock houses both the latch and dead bolt in one unit.
Mortise Shutter Hinge:
A hinge that is mortised into the edge of the shutter and the inside of the window frame in the same way a door butt hinge is attached.
Mortise Strike:
Refers to a casement latch, for windows that open out, a mortise strike is mortised into the side of the window frame and the latch hooks in to it to hold the window shut.
National Electric Code
A code that requires that lamps and fixtures be tested by a recognized, independent safety-testing agency before they can be legally sold and installed.
Non-mortise hinge:
A hinge which has thin leaves allowing them to be mounted on the edge of a cabinet door without having to be mortised.
Offset Cabinet Hinge:
Where a cabinet or furniture door projects out from the surface of the frame an offset hinge is surface mounted to the door and frame with an offset, usually 3/8”.
Results 61-75 of 131123456789