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The world of vintage hardware and antique restoration is resplendant with confusing terminology. Fill yourself in on the important terms and concepts here.
Casement Window:
A window that is hinged at the side and opens outward.
Process where molten brass, iron or other metals are poured and formed in molds often made of sand. The products made in this manner are often thick and heavy.
A fixed or offset pivoting wheel that is attached to the leg of a piece of furniture,
allowing it to be rolled.
 A hanging ceiling fixture that has multiple arms or lights
Close Mount Light Fixture
A fixture of one or more lights, whose sockets are suspended a short distance form the ceiling pan or canopy via a chain or rod arm
Raised portion of a door knob escutcheon in which the door knob seats.
A decorative or weight-bearing bracket that projects from a wall and supports a shelf, roof or other overhang.
A horizontal molded projection that crowns or completes a building or wall.
Cremone Bolt
A surface mounted door bolt operated by a knob or lever which locks into the door frame at the top and the bottom and spans the door surface.
Another name for a GFI outlet.
One of a series of small rectangular blocks projecting like teeth from a molding or beneath a cornice.
Door Buzzer Button:
A decorative accent used to replace the button which operates an existing electric doorbell. The buzzer button alone does not make sounds it must be wired to a buzzer and transformer.
Door Set:
A set of parts for one door including door handles and back plates and depending upon the function (passage, privacy or dummy) may also include a latch, lock, strike plate and/or dummy spindles.
Double Cylinder:
Keyed cylinders on the inside and outside of an entry door that operate a deadbolt. This is commonly used on entry doors with glass in them.
Double Hung:
Double hung windows have top and bottom sashes that slide up and down to open or close.
Results 16-30 of 130123456789