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A horizontal crosspiece over a door or between a door and a window above it.
Transom Operator:
A hardware apparatus that is affixed to the wall and allows a transom window to be opened without using a hook and pole.
Transom Window:
Small window near the ceiling often above a door or other window that is typically hinged at the bottom and opens in.
Another word for the set of door knobs, levers, thumb turns, thumb latches, back plates and/or keyhole covers that are mounted to the surface of a door and operate the latch or lock.
Tubular Latch:
A cylindrical door latch that is installed into the edge of the door and is operated by a knob or lever via the spindle.
UL Damp Rating
A fixture with a UL Damp Rating may be used in sheltered outdoor areas that are protected from direct contact with rain, snow, or excessive moisture.
UL Dry Rating
A fixture with a UL Dry Rating may be used in any area, usually indoors, which is not directly exposed to excessive moisture and water.
UL Wet Rating
A fixture with a UL Wet Rating is suitable for outdoor locations that receive direct contact with rain, snow or excessive moisture.
Underwriters Laboratory
Underwriters Laboratories is a nationally recognized, independent product safety certification organization.
Wall Bracket
Wall brackets are typically used as accent lighting in living, dining, or bedrooms, as primary lighting in bathrooms, or on a porch.
Wrought Iron
Wrought iron is commercially pure iron, having a very small carbon content (carbon content does not exceed 0.15 per cent [cent: an old English unit of quantity]), but usually contains some slag.
Results 121-131 of 131123456789