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The world of vintage hardware and antique restoration is resplendant with confusing terminology. Fill yourself in on the important terms and concepts here.
Single Hung:
Single hung windows have a top and bottom sash but only the bottom sash slides upward to open.
Skeleton Key:
Also called a bit key, a skeleton key is an old style key which operates a mortise or rim lock.
The square, often threaded rod to which a door knob or lever attaches.
Square Nails:
Old style iron nails which have four sides and are used for many things including flooring.
Process of forming brass or other metals by using a thin sheet and pressing or stamping it into a mold. Stamped is the same as pressed or wrought and is thin compared with forged or cast items.
Strap Hinge:
A long surface mounted hinge used on doors and shutters.
Strike Plate:
The plate with cutouts that attaches to the door jamb into which the latch and dead bolt are trapped to either lock or latch a door.
Surface Bolt:
A bolt usually brass or iron which is mounted to the door or window surface and locks into a strike plate on the door jamb or window frame to hold the door or window closed.
Surface Hinge:
Also called flush or full surface, a surface hinge is one which is mounted to the face of the door and door frame so that the entire hinge is visible when the door is closed.
Surface Strike:
For a pair of double casement windows that open in or out, a surface strike is used.
Swinging Door Hinge:
A floor mounted hinge with spring tension that allows a door to swing in or out of a room and return to the closed position when let go. Also called double acting floor hinge or pivoting door assembly.
Usually refers to an entry door set which has lever above the handle which when depressed by the thumb unlatches the door.
Also called turnkey, is usually an oval or crescent shaped knob which is turned to operate the dead bolt of a privacy or entry mortise lock. Thumbturns can be mounted on a door knob backplate in place of a keyhole or can be separate pieces with their own small trim plate.
Toe Cap:
A decorative piece, usually brass, that is attached to the bottom of a table leg or the leg of a standing cabinet.
Toggle Switch Plate:
Metal cover plate with a small rectangular cutout which is designed for modern light switches that toggle up and down for on/off.
Results 106-120 of 130123456789