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The world of vintage hardware and antique restoration is resplendant with confusing terminology. Fill yourself in on the important terms and concepts here.
Flush Bolt:
A bolt which is mortised into the edge of a door at the top and/or bottom and is typically used to hold the passive door, of a set of double doors, closed.
Flush Mount Light Fixture

A fixture of one or more lights, whose sockets are mounted directly on the ceiling pan or canopy. 

Process of forming brass or other metals into a particular shape by heating the metal and hand pounding or cutting with high pressure dies. Items made in this way are very strong and heavy.
GFI Cover Plate:
Also known as decora is a cover plate with a rectangular cutout that is designed to cover a rocker switch or GFI receptacle.
A gable roof with two slopes on each side and the lower slope being steeper.
The generally triangular section of wall at the end of a pitched roof.
Half-mortise Hinge:
A hinge where one leaf is mortised into the door jamb while the other is mounted to the front surface of the door.
Handrail Bracket:
A metal bracket which is used to attach a wooden railing to the wall of a stairway.
(Height from Center of Wall Opening) – The measurement from the top of the lighting fixture to the center of the outlet box when installed.
A hipped roof has sloping ends rather than gables.
A square or star shaped hole in a lock or latch which a spindle goes through to operate the latch bolt or dead bolt.
Junction Box
Octagonal metal box inset within the wall or ceiling.
Keyhole Cover:
Small escutcheon for decorating a keyhole in a door or piece of furniture.
Kick Plate:
A plate which spans the bottom of a door to protect the wood on heavy traffic doors.
Knob Shank:
The cylindrical base of a door knob or lever which receives the spindle.
Results 46-60 of 130123456789