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Why was I billed twice for my order? Why was my debit card charged for items that have not been shipped? What is a debit card “authorization”?

If you used a debit card for your purchase, your bank issues an “authorization” for the amount of the transaction, which enables us to process your order.   Your bank reserves or “freezes” this amount at the time of “authorization”, which appears on your bank statement.

HoAH does not bill your account until your order ships, at which time your bank “pays” us for the items you purchased.

On your banking statement, you may see both the authorization amount and the purchase amount at the same time. Often a customer’s bank will have a delay of up to five days between the date payment is made to HoAH and the “authorization” line coming off your record. You can verify this information with the bank that issued your debit card.

We assure you that your account is only charged once for an order and we do not bill or take payment until your item(s) ship. If you have any questions, call our Customer Service team at 888-223-2545 during business hours and we can assist with any billing questions.