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LIGHTING - Do Light Fixtures Require Special Handling?

Question: Do light fixtures require special handling?


Answer: Yes.  While our fixtures are extremely well made, all light fixtures are inherently fragile. Therefore, please observe the following when unpacking, handling and installing your new light fixture:


·       Arms, extensions and decorative elements are not intended to support the full weight of the product. 


·       To avoid breakage or other damage, always grasp the item by the base or central axis of the fixture’s body.


·       Large fixtures will require two or more persons for installation.


·       Please note that due to the extent of hand-labor there will be natural variations in alignment, especially if the item has multiple extensions or decorative elements.  In some cases, these can be adjusted by hand.


·       NEVER FORCE, TWIST or BEND any part of the item.  Do not over tighten threaded parts.


·       Use caution with tools to avoid scratching or marring the finish.


All of our fixtures are inspected and tested before shipping.  If, however, you have any problems please contact Customer Service department at (888) 223-2545, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 8:30 pm Eastern Time.