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LIGHTING - What Type of Bulb Should I use in my Light Fixture?

Question:  What type of bulb should I use in my light fixture? 


Answer:  For most of our fixtures you can use a standard incandescent bulb, a vintage-style carbon filament bulb, or a screw-in type compact fluorescent (CFL).  Whatever style bulb you choose, the most important consideration is the bulb’s wattage.  Each fixture has a maximum wattage rating, which is listed in the Features section of the item detail page. Bulbs that exceed the maximum wattage can discolor metal finishes and shades, deteriorate electrical parts, and start fires.  Damage caused by improper light bulbs is not included in our 5 year product warranty.


For an authentic period lighting effect, use our genuine Edison-style bulbs in your fixture. These carbon filament bulbs are great for exposed sockets and cast a dim, but warm, mellow light.


Please note: decorative type bulbs, like those with candle-flame shapes, are made for use in "tips up" position only. Never install pointed bulbs tips down.