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Do you repair or refinish old items?

House of Antique Hardware can provide a wide variety of repair and refinishing services to our customers; from the homeowner repairing a mortise lock to the professional working on an multi-stage project. Services we offer include:
• Polishing and refinishing. We can also "antique" or chemically age brass pieces to give them the distinctive look of vintage brass.
• Electroplating. We do satin or polished plating for nickel or chrome.
• Refurbishing and repair of mortise locks and manufacture of skeleton keys for mortise locks. The keys can be cut to fit your lock or made from scratch if need be.
• Restoration work. House of Antique Hardware has at its disposal a variety of craftsmen, machinists, locksmiths and artisans that can help restore any piece to it's original beauty.

If you need a piece of hardware repaired, we will give you our honest professional opinion if it is feasible and a "ball park" estimate of the cost involved. We may require a piece in hand in order to provide an accurate quote on custom repair or duplication. All bids are "good faith estimates" only. Most bids are within 5% of final cost, although extenuating circumstances do sometimes arise.

For further information or to request a quote, please call us at (888) 223-2545 or visit our Custom Work Page