Solid Steel Mid-Century Style Floor Register With Adjustable Louver

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Item #: RS-010WR-CTPFRX


Clean-lined and strong-boned, this Mid-Century style floor register is the ideal upgrade for your Atomic Ranch or contemporary home. With nine standard sizes and six popular finishes, you can add a touch of vintage elegance to every room in your house. The 6" x 10", 6" x 12" and 6" x 14" sizes also come with screws and screw holes for alternate use as wall vents. An adjustable louver allows you to control airflow, from fully open to closed. Constructed of durable and economical, plated or enameled steel.

The louver is a steel housing with pivoting fins, which increases or decreases air flow through the floor register. The louver is controlled by lever adjustment and can be easily removed if no air flow control is needed.

Boot Size refers to the cut-out in the floor that the register fits into. Register Size refers to the outside measurement of the register face plate. To ensure a proper fit, always order registers based on the boot size.

Boot size: 2.25" x 10" Register size: 3.5" x 11.25"
Boot size: 2.25" x 12" Register size: 3.5" x 13.25"
Boot size: 2.25" x 14" Register size: 3.5" x 15.25"
Boot size: 4" x 10" Register size: 5.375" x 11.25"
Boot size: 4" x 12" Register size: 5.375" x 13.25"
Boot size: 4" x 14" Register size: 5.375" x 15.25"
Boot size: 6" x 10" Register size: 7.5" x 11.75"
Boot size: 6" x 12" Register size: 7.5" x 13.75"
Boot size: 6" x 14" Register size: 7.5" x 15.75"

Hardware Tip

Floor grate patterns will vary depending on the size ordered. If you unsure about the size needed please call us for help.
WARNING: California Proposition 65
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