Solid Brass Pocket Door Privacy Bolt With Choice Of Finish

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This is a handy device for use as a privacy lock on pocket or sliding doors that do not have a lock installed. This pocket door jamb bolt is designed to be face mounted at the rear of a closed pocket door, acts as a privacy bolt to prevent door from opening. It works like a rocker switch. When pushed in, the other half pops out, physically preventing the door from returning into its pocket. For emergency access a small hole can be drilled through the door and a slim object can be inserted through the hole to flip the rocker closed. Made of solid brass.

Dimensions. Bolt: 3 1/16" H x 1 1/8" W. Jamb Strike: 3/4" H x 1" W. Bolt is 13/32" deep but should be installed with a mortise depth of 5/8".

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Pocket Door Pull: A nearly flush escutcheon for pocket or sliding doors with a recessed portion allowing the door to fit in the wall pocket and still be pulled open and shut.


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WARNING: California Proposition 65
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