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Pendant Lights & Hanging Light Fixtures

Pendant lights are stylish hanging light fixtures that double as task lighting. Perfect for kitchens, office or living areas, our vintage pendant lighting is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes that will look good in any home.

Vintage Pendant Lighting

Belle Fleur Island Light (item #RS-03QZ-TFBF348VB)

Belle Fleur Island Light

Reminiscent of the early Nouveau movement, the Tiffany-inspired Belle Fleur Island Light is the perfect focal point for any room. Featuring draping lines and touches of red, the shade is hand-assembled with genuine art glass, using the copper foil technique developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Ashmont Pendant (item #RS-03SHL-7-130-1X)

Ashmont Pendant

Vintage in style, but with a modern outlook, the Ashmont Pendant brings a timeless feel to your home. Available in an array of classic finishes, its cast metal fittings are carefully detailed for a refined look. Suited for a variety of interiors, it emits a warm light with its white, opal-glass shade.

3 Finishes 3 Finishes

Sylvan Large 4-Light Pendant (item #RS-03CR-2244X)

Sylvan Large 4-Light Pendant

The Sylvan Large 4-Light Pendant embodies understated, yet sophisticated style. Sleek lines and angular details define this light's frame, while the textured shades offer a warm glow. What a perfect choice for modern homes of any era!

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Underscore Drum Pendant In Cimarron Bronze (item #RS-03ML-N6963-267B)

Underscore Drum Pendant In Cimarron Bronze

This large drum-style pendant/chandelier is a dynamic blend of Arts & Crafts, Art Deco and Mid-Century design influences. The silhouette is bold and geometric, yet softened with caramel silk glass and a distressed Cimarron bronze finish.

Vertigo 1-Light Mini Pendant with Choice of Finish (item #RS-03CO-113-41X)

Vertigo 1-Light Mini Pendant with Choice of Finish

The Vertigo collection is a perfect mix of motion and balance. Intertwining collages of circular, hand-crafted rings are fused together, creating a distinctive, modern look. Choose from a contrasting bronze and gold-leaf finish with a caramel diffuser or a shiny modern-silver finish with a citrine-ice diffuser. Unique and versatile, this mini pendant is the perfect accessory for your kitchen, entryway, or hallway.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Bella Flora 25

Bella Flora 25" Pendant

The Bella Flora 25-inch Pendant brings elegant style with a nature-inspired design. A glittering array of faceted, crystal tear drops flow beneath its branch-like frame, while a unique craquelure finish adds texture and depth.

Leicester Island Light (item #RS-03ML-N6946-575)

Leicester Island Light

The Leicester Island Light brings classic, sophisticated style to your decor. Its unique, geometric frame features an aged-brass finish and matching chains. This crisp, clean design is ideal for a variety of interiors.

Fergus 4-Light Lantern Style Pendant (item #RS-03CU-9468)

Fergus 4-Light Lantern Style Pendant

The simple silhouette of the Fergus Pendant showcases its quality construction and materials. This dignified lantern features a wrought-iron frame finished in old iron, seeded glass panels, and dripping candles. Quiet elegance exudes from this classic design.

Manuscript 1-Light Pendant (item #RS-03CU-9056)

Manuscript 1-Light Pendant

The Manuscript Collection brings industrial style to modern living. Beautifully crafted, this pendant features a rustic black finish and antique-mirror lined interior. Hang it in groups over a work table, or alone in your kitchen or entryway.

Middlefield Mini Pendant (item #RS-03HK-FR40577IRRX)

Middlefield Mini Pendant

Our Middlefield mini pendant defines the term rustic modernism. Bold in nature, each piece is crafted from wood, bleached and distressed to resemble barn boards, while solid steel straps, bars, and candles are faux-finished with an aged rust patina. Rugged, yet clean-lined, this look is suited for cabins, Colonial, and contemporary homes alike!

Carson 1-Light Pendant (item #RS-03HK-FR40707VIR)

Carson 1-Light Pendant

The Carson Collection pairs industrial style with repurposed craftsmanship. Bold, overlapping metal ribbons converge to create a rustic handcrafted sphere finished in vintage iron. Unique and versatile, this pendant is a perfect accessory for your living room, dining area, or foyer.

Fulton 7-Light Island Pendant (item #RS-03HK-3355BZX)

Fulton 7-Light Island Pendant

The Fulton 7-Light Island Pendant showcases minimalistic beauty. Featuring a tapered cage, it lends industrial flair with an open, airy silhouette that offers unobstructed illumination. Add a vintage touch to this understated design with Edison-style bulbs (not included).

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Ovid 1-Light Pendant (item #RS-03HV-1920X)

Ovid 1-Light Pendant

Ideal for both traditional and contemporary homes alike, the Ovid Collection presents understated style in an iconic shape. The thick metal frame of this pendant, finished inside and out, hangs from a black braided cord, and features a matching canopy. Choose from three popular finishes.

3 Finishes 3 Finishes

Herkimer 25 1/2

Herkimer 25 1/2" Pendant

A unique update of Danish Mid-Century modern lighting principles, the Herkimer 25 1/2-Inch Pendant brings a unique look to any contemporary home. The thick top shade contrasts in texture and color with its smaller perforated shade, while an etched opal-glass shade hangs low, softly diffusing the light. Available in two classic finishes, it is sure to get noticed!

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Coolidge Medium Pendant (item #RS-03HV-3214X)

Coolidge Medium Pendant

The Coolidge Collection brings subtle glamour to your decor. A signature, beehive glass shade seamlessly extends to the crisp canopy and finial of this pendant. Whether you hang it in your living room, entry, or hall, it offers a soft, flattering light.

3 Finishes 3 Finishes

Coffey Small Pendant (item #RS-03HV-7912X)

Coffey Small Pendant

The Coffey Collection is a study in modern simplicity. This pendant pins a minimal, thick glass shade to a long, fine candle sleeve, and Edison-style bulb (included). Hang it alone, or in groups over a kitchen island or counter.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Astro Wrought Iron Pendant In English Bronze (item #RS-03CR-9235-EB)

Astro Wrought Iron Pendant In English Bronze

The Astro Collection offers a modern twist on the classic Moravian star. Popular as a wood or paper ornament in the 19th century, this dynamic shape takes an exciting new direction in skeletal wrought iron. This striking pendant features a single interior light, a star canopy and a deep, English bronze finish. An eye-stopping addition to your kitchen, hall or bedroom!

Voyager 6-Light Chandelier (item #RS-03QZ-VYR5006ML)

Voyager 6-Light Chandelier

Moorish, Spanish, and Gothic influence runs throughout the Voyager 6-Light Chandelier. The hand-forged scrollwork and hammered metal frame are finished with a bronze patina for a wonderfully aged effect. Creating a romantic ambiance, it makes a stately addition to your dining room, bedroom, or entry.

Jennings Mini Pendant (item #RS-03CR-2260X)

Jennings Mini Pendant

Bring cool, crisp style to your Mid-Century modern home with the Jennings collection. The geometric screen of this mini pendant surrounds its white linen shade for bold contrast, while the glass diffuser creates a soft, flattering light. Hang it alone or in groups over a counter or kitchen island.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Yosemite Mini Pendant (item #RS-03VX-PD55505BBZ)

Yosemite Mini Pendant

Reinterpreted for modern homes, the Yosemite Collection celebrates early 20th-century mountain style. Delightful nature inspired cutouts, finished in rich bronze, surround the column of this handsome pendant. Complemented with an amber glass shade, it is suited for your dining room, entry, or bedroom.

Cachet Flush Mount / Pendant (item #RS-03CU-9904)

Cachet Flush Mount / Pendant

The crisp silhouette of the Cachet ceiling light lends a versatile quality, making it ideal for a variety of decors. A lightly weathered, Mayfair finish adorns the strong lines of its wrought-iron frame, creating a bold presence that won't go unnoticed. An off-white linen shade adds warmth and softness to its overall look.

Hampton Large Bell Jar Hall Pendant with Etched Star Pattern (item #RS-03HV-254-C3X)

Hampton Large Bell Jar Hall Pendant with Etched Star Pattern

Throughout the Federal era, bell jar lanterns like our Hampton Large Bell Jar Hall Pendant with Etched Star Pattern illuminated foyers and hallways in finer American homes. Originally designed for burning whale oil (hence the glass smoke bell), this elegant reproduction is updated with three electric candle lights. The hand-blown glass shade is decorated overall with a wheel-cut star pattern, and the fittings are all solid brass, offered in a range of classic period finishes. A lovely choice for your kitchen or stair hall, as well!

4 Finishes 4 Finishes

Atlas 3-Light Pendant (item #RS-03TL-F3833X)

Atlas 3-Light Pendant

Like a ticking contraption from the pages of a Jules Verne novel, the Atlas 3-Light Pendant blurs the line between mechanical art and a practical source of illumination. Its lights appear to be part of a machine in motion, each encased in a mesh cylinder, suspended between steampunk-style gears linked by chains. Finished in an industrial-aged pewter, the inventive configuration is surrounded by a rectangular frame constructed of hand-wrought iron with cast aluminum details. This fascinating mix of elegance and machinery brings a warm, unique look to your decor.

Kyle Mini Pendant (item #RS-03QZ-KY1508X)

Kyle Mini Pendant

The Kyle Mini Pendant offers a wide variety of old-world style fixtures, but with a modern twist. Its onyx shade emits a soft glow, the streamlined wrought-iron bands add contemporary flair, and the bronze finish lends a traditional look. This mini pendant creates a warm, romantic atmosphere for your Spanish Colonial, Tudor, or other European-style home.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Laguna Mini Pendant (item #RS-03QZ-MC842PRC)

Laguna Mini Pendant

The Laguna Mini Pendant features an array of handsome fixtures. This fixture comes with a taupe mica shade wrapped by a shimmery mosaic-tile band for an added touch of elegance, and the renaissance-copper finish offers a pleasing contrast. It is a warm and inviting accent for almost any decor.

Laguna Island Light (item #RS-03QZ-MCLG337RC)

Laguna Island Light

The Laguna collection features an array of handsome fixtures. This island light comes with a taupe mica shade wrapped by a shimmery mosaic-tile band for an added touch of elegance, and the renaissance-copper finish offers a pleasing contrast. It's a warm and inviting accent for almost any decor.

Asheville Island Light (item #RS-03QZ-TFAS344X)

Asheville Island Light

Gentle scrollwork and Tiffany-style shades in classic patterns and colors bring sophistication to the Asheville Collection. The genuine art-glass shade is hand assembled, and the valiant-bronze finish anchors the traditional styling. This island light is an elegant addition over a kitchen island or pool table.

Colwyn 1-Light Pendant (item #RS-03CU-9238)

Colwyn 1-Light Pendant

The Colwyn pendant is a modern interpretation of vintage style. Its wrought-iron frame features a French-black finish, and houses a sleek, ivory linen shade. Broadcasting a warm ambiance, its perfect for foyers, halls, or in groups in other rooms.

Polished Nickel Island Pendant With Pleated Silk Shades (item #RS-03ML-N6800-613)

Polished Nickel Island Pendant With Pleated Silk Shades

Inspired by early 20th century ball & tube fixtures, this large, double pendant is an elegant way to brighten your kitchen or dining room. Each arm holds 3 candle lights, which are dressed up with a pleated drum shade. Crafted from durable steel with a brilliant nickel finish, to coordinate with your hardware and appliances.

Hampton Single Pendant With Linen Drum Shade (item #RS-03HK-3207X)

Hampton Single Pendant With Linen Drum Shade

Blending fine materials, clean lines and subtle textures, the Hampton Series is Mid-Century lighting at its best. Made of solid brass with a brushed bronze or nickel finish and glowing linen shade, this simple pendant light adds a dramatic touch to any room.

2 Finishes 2 Finishes

Results 121-150 of 54312345678910
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