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10" Pair of 3/4" Offset Galvanized Iron Shutter Strap Hinges With Plate Pintles

These traditional Colonial style 3/4-inch offset hinges with plate pintles are still popular today! The 10 inch straps are forged out of steel and the pintles are made of solid cast iron, both galvanized. These versatile hinges can be mounted to show either when the shutters are open or closed. The rough textured black powder coating provides a great period look and helps reduce rust.

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Circle and Curve Heavy Shelf Bracket In Matte Black - 7" x 7 1/8"

With a central circle detail supported by a broad curve, this bracket is an all-around choice for your shelves, fitting with any style. Made from a heavy cast iron with a matte black finish.

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Cast-Iron Bird Plant Hanger in Antique Iron

This decorative Bird Plant Hanger features an elegant, nature-inspired design and an Antique Iron finish. Cast in heavy-duty iron, it is sturdy enough to hold large plants---indoors or out.

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Decorative Cast Iron Screen Door Hinge With Acorn Finials In Matte Black

Ornate cast iron hinges add a delightful Victorian touch to any screen door. This handsome reproduction features charming acorn finials, a fanciful leaf pattern, and a Matte Black finish. The strong, enclosed spring closes your door with a resounding bang!

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Large Eastlake Iron Sash Lift In Antique Iron

This charming Eastlake style sash lift is reproduced from an 1880s original. Made of cast iron, the pattern is crisp and geometric, with a single iris flower at center. Large and durable, it's a good choice for tall or broad sash windows. Offered in a lacquered antique iron finish.

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"Commercial" Style Cast Brass Sash Lock In Oil Rubbed Bronze

Our heavy-duty, sash lock in oil-rubbed bronze is a House of Antique Hardware exclusive! This distinctive design, with its tall half-cup keeper, is the type found in early 20th century schools, offices and commercial buildings, as well as fine homes. Made of durable, non-rusting cast brass, it holds your windows securely in place.

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3 1/2-Inch Cast Iron Door Hinge With Ball Finials

The classic and versatile 3 1/2-inch ball tip door hinge has been a favorite since the late 19th century. Our authentic reproduction hinge has a loose pin with attached finial, slotted and Phillips wood screws, and heavy duty 1/8-inch thick leaves - just like the originals. Made of heavy duty cast iron with a lacquered finish.

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4" Arts & Crafts Ball-Tipped Door Hinge in Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Our 4-Inch Arts and Crafts Ball-Tipped Door Hinge captures the true spirit of Craftsman design. Made of durable cast brass, it features a rugged, hammered surface. A velvety oiled bronze finish, with subtle copper highlights, completes the vintage effect.

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3" Cast Iron Steeple Tip Hinge With Decorative Vine Pattern In Matte Black

This highly decorative 3-Inch Steeple-Tip Hinge is a Victorian-era classic. With its graceful tendrils, patterned barrel and elegant finials, it is a delightful addition to your home. Made of heavy-duty cast iron, this faithful reproduction has loose pins and slotted and Phillips screws. Matte black pwder coating.

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Cast-Iron Bird Plant Hanger in Matte Black

This decorative Bird Plant Hanger features an elegant, nature-inspired design and durable matte black finish. Cast in heavy-duty iron, it is sturdy enough to hold large plants---indoors or out.

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Brass Lion Head Floor-Mount Door Stop in Oil-Rubbed Bronze

What a dignified addition to your decor! Our Lion Head Floor-Mount Door Stop dates from the Victorian era but is Neo-Classical in spirit. This regal design is reproduced in solid brass and comes in a popular Oil-Rubbed Bronze finish.

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Large Victorian Iron Shelf Bracket - 10 7/8" x 7 1/8"

Graceful vines twist & turn about the frame of this large Victorian shelf bracket. A simple arrow emerging from the leaves adds a charming touch. Reproduced in heavy duty cast iron with a durable black powder coat.

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Cast Iron Eastlake Style Sash Lock in Lacquered Iron

The design for this distinctive hook-style sash lock dates to the 1870s. The crisp Eastlake pattern is just as fresh and appealing today. Reproduced in solid, cast iron with a lacquered finish.

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Pair of Galvanized Iron Scroll Shutter Dogs - Lag Mounted

Rugged meets refined in these classic scroll design shutter dogs. With their elegant profile and hammered texture they beautifully compliment any style of home. Made of heavy duty cast iron, galvanized and finished with a rust resistant black powder coat. Designed for masonry applications.

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Pyramid-Head Iron Clavos Nails - Pack of Six 1/2" Diameter in Matte Black

Our 1/2-inch Pyramid-Head Clavos Nails in classic black bring rustic style to a variety of applications. Constructed from solid cast iron with a weather resistant powder-coated finish, these sturdy accents are ideal for doors, gates, cabinets, furniture and more! Used indoors or out, we recommend installing with a soft-touch hammer to avoid damaging the finish. May require pre-drilling for harder surfaces. For decorative purposes only.

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Floral Iron Cremone Bolt - 4-Foot Length in Matte Black

Adorned with intricate patterns, this 4-foot French-style Floral Cremone Bolt is as lovely as it is functional. A charming flower graces the knob, while the case and guides feature classic acanthus leaf motifs. Made from cast iron, it is typically used for smaller casement windows, cabinets, and furniture. Matte black powder coated for durability.

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Small Cast-Iron Acorn Double Coat Hook with Black Powder Coat

This vintage double hook is an authentic reproduction of a Victorian-era classic—cast in iron, powder coated, and adorned with an iconic acorn at each end. Versatile and durable, it goes well in an entryway, a child’s room, or on the inside of a cupboard. Whether displayed alone or grouped together in a row, it’s built to last.

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Curled Iron Strap With Brass Bell

Hear the sound of welcome with our curled iron strap with brass bell. This decorative and functional bell will liven up your door with a happy ring whenever your door opens.

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Pisano Cast-Brass Back Plate in Timeless Bronze

A House of Antique Hardware Exclusive! Our Victorian Back Plate is the most intricate and elegant you'll find anywhere. The exquisite Italian Renaissance design, with its fluted border and floral accents, is a faithful recreation of Russell and Erwin's Pisano pattern of 1897. Precision cast in solid brass, they're beautifully detailed and incredibly substantial. Suited for restorations or new construction, this decorative plate adds a touch of understated luxury to any interior. Available in a dark bronze finish with copper highlights.

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12" Cast iron Casement Window Stay In Matte Black

This heavy-duty casement adjuster is constructed from solid, cast iron. The handle is approximately 3/16-inch thick - well suited to large or heavy windows. It includes two sill mounted keepers and holes for five opening positions. Offered in a durable matte black finish, it's a great choice for colonial, Tudor, Spanish or rustic country houses!

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12" Rustic Cast Iron Dummy Strap With Fleur De Lis Motif

Our French-country dummy strap with a rustic, textured surface and stylized floral motif is the perfect decorative accent to shutters, doors, gates and garages. Pre-finished with a black powder-coat.

$8.55 $17.09
3" On Center Square Glass Cabinet Handle With Solid Brass Bases in Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Spare and square, this distinctive glass pull is a must-have for the modern kitchen and bath. The crystal clear handle is mounted on a sturdy, forged brass base, and may be installed horizontally or vertically. The contrast of clear glass and dark oil-rubbed bronze will stand out anywhere!

$7.84 $19.59
Como Single Duplex Cover Plate in Timeless Bronze

Our elegant Single Duplex Cover Plate was derived from P & F Corbin's Como pattern of 1905. To capture every intricate detail of the originals, this neoclassical design is faithfully rendered in stamped sheet brass. Lightweight, yet durable, it comes in a period highlighted bronze finish.

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Round Glass Disk Knob With Solid Brass Base in Oil Rubbed Bronze

The center protrudes on this low profile cabinet knob giving it added depth. Mid-century styling and a brass base in oil-rubbed bronze finish. The 1 3/16-inch size works on most everything.

$4.40 $10.99